Digimon Card Game – X-Record Early Market Watch

It’s been almost a week since the release of the X-Record booster set in North America, Latin America, Oceania and Europe (although the UK release has been pushed back to August 12th). This set introduces new powerful X-Antibody forms, new mechanics and some incredible artwork of the Digimon’s altered appearances. As is always the case, it is the alternate art SECs that are currently the most valuable, with other alternate arts of popular and useful Digimon following closely behind. In this article, we will take a look at the most valuable cards on the X-Record market.

Disclaimer – The prices mentioned in this X-Record market article reflect the time of writing and are subject to change. Due to the early stage of release, these prices are likely to change shortly. 

DeathXmon (Alternate Art)

It is fitting that Alphamon is the other SEC alongside DeathXmon, as it was Alphamon who destroyed DexDorugoramon, whose shattered remains created this powerful Digimon. After a battle with Omnimon and Alphamon, Alphamon realises that DeathXmon is a part of him and impales himself and his opponent with his own sword, before merging back together to become Dorumon.

TCGPlayer: $53

eBay: (Not enough sales as of writing)

X-Record Market

Alphamon: Ouryuke (Alternate Art)

After Ouryumon transformed into the mighty Ouryuken sword, it is Alphamon that wields it, turning the Digimon into a more majestic form. This is referenced in this SEC, as it can digivolve for 3 from an Alphamon with Ouryumon in its Digivlution cards. Alphamon: Ouryuken has appeared in several Digimon series and movies, including Adventure tri, X-Evolution, Chronicle and Chronicle X.

TCGPlayer: $50

eBay: $55

Magnamon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art)

Magnamon X-Antibody is a powerful form of Magnamon that is resistant to the deadly  Program X. This card can change the attack target to this card as long as it has an X-Antibody or Armour form Digimon beneath it, giving you a strong line of defence for your other Digimon and your security. This card also has a really nice effect that lets you place the top card of its Digivolution into your security to prevent it from being deleted. 

TCGPlayer: $38

eBay: $36

X-Record Market

DeathXmon (Standard)

TCGPlayer: $34

eBay: $35

Alphamon: Ouryuken (Standard)

TCGPlayer: $33

eBay: $30$40

X-Record Market

Alphamon (Alternate Art)

Alphamon has been having a lot of focus this year, with several new cards and forms being introduced into the Digimon Card Game, including the elusive ‘Ghost/Gold’ Alphamon, which was released in the Xros Encounter set released in Japan in May and will hit the English game in October. 

TCGPlayer: $30

eBay: $37$41

Gabumon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art)

Gabumon is one of the OG Digimon, appearing alongside the other Digimon companions from the Digimon Adventure series. This card has a fantastic search ability for Garurumon and Omnimon decks, which is no doubt a contributing factor to why this alt art is currently at the higher end of the X-Record market. 

TCGPlayer: $26

eBay: $30

X-Record Market

Gaiomon (Alternate Art)

Gaiomon will come in handy within red, black or dual Greymon decks. In fact, It is treated as a Greymon card. The Digivolving effect of this card Depends on whatever colour card you have in its Digivolution. If a black Digimon is in Gaiomon’s Digivolution pile, you get to DeDigivolve one of your opponent’s Digimon. If there is a red Digimon, the keyword Blitz is activated, letting it attack regardless if the Digivolution caused your memory to pass 0 and end your turn. 

TCGPlayer: $25

eBay: $33

MetalGarurumon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art)

TCGPlayer: $27

eBay: $33 $39

Ordinemon (Alternate Art) 

Many will remember Ordinemon from the Digimon Adventure tri film series. Ordinemon is the result of Ophanimon Falldown Mode and Raguelmon DNA Digivolving into the dark and powerful Ordinemon. The artwork for this Digimon is haunting – appearing more like a character from a horror movie rather than a Digimon. 

TCGPlayer: $25

eBay: $30

WarGreymon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art)

WarGreymon has been a Digimon who has seen a lot of coverage in the Digimon Card Game, from main sets to tournament cards. With the inclusion of the X Anti-Body form, it’s refreshing to see the fan favourite Digimon in a different light. In this alt art, we see the Digimon seemingly defying space and time, charged with blue energy. WarGreymon X Anti-body will be part of the new X Anti-body Agumon chain coming with the X-Record set. 

TCGPlayer:  $25

eBay: $30

Gallantmon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art) 

Throwing itself into the sacred battle and having the X-Antibody, Gallantmon gains the sacred armour turning it into its more powerful form. What is special about the Gallantmon X Anti-body standard and alt art cards is that, despite being illustrated by two different artists, the two scenes follow on from each other, with the Digimon turning with its sacred lance.

TCGPlayer:  $20

eBay: $32

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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