Digimon Card Game – X-Record top 5 SRs

The next main set in the Digimon Card Game, which will follow the Digital Hazard booster, will be X-Record. Now that the entire setlist has been revealed for this booster following its release in Japan, in this article, we will share our top SRs, which many collectors and players will be keen to get hold of when the set releases in July. 

Disclaimer – Some of the images & text used in this article are English concepts created by Digimon.Dev and may differ from the official cards.

Omnimon: Merciful Mode 

Omnimon: Merciful Mode will be a special card in the X-Record booster. Not only because both versions show some impressive artwork of the debuting form, but because it will be incredibly useful in play. This card can be Digivolved from a red, blue, yellow or  green Digimon, with the Digivolution cost being reduced to just 3 cost if it is Digivolving from an Omnimon card.

X-Record SR

This Digimon’s Digivolivng effect lets you delete a number of Digimon, depending on how many ‘Mega’ trait Digimon you have below Omnimon: Merciful Mode. After that, you get to recycle 10 cards from your opponent’s trash to the bottom of their deck, which could put a serious spanner in the works for certain purple decks that utilise their trashed Digimon. By trashing the top card of your deck, you get to trash the top card in your opponent’s security. This leaves Omnimon still available to attack another security card if you want. 

WarGreymon X-Antibody 

The X-Antibody version of WarGreymon makes taking out your opponent’s security stack even more beneficial, as you get to gain 1 memory for doing so. If this card has a WarGreymon or X-Antibody card beneath it, you can delete an opponent’s Digimon with DP lower or equal to this one, which is a nice way to help clear the field. This artwork was created by Sasasi, who is incredibly talented at creating depth in his Digmon TCG artwork. This can be seen within this card, with a concerned-looking Agumon seen in the background, while WarGreymon’s claw reaches out of the border of the card.

X-Record SR


Gaiomon will come in handy within red, black or dual Greymon decks. In fact, It is treated as a Greymon card. The Digivolving effect of this card Depends on whatever colour card you have in its Digivolution. If a black Digimon is in Gaiomon’s Digivolution pile, you get to DeDigivolve one of your opponent’s Digimon. If there is a red Digimon, the keyword Blitz is activated, letting it attack regardless if the Digivolution caused your memory to pass 0 and end your turn. 

X-Record SR


Many will remember Ordinemon from the Digimon Adventure tri film series. Ordinemon is the result of Ophanimon Falldown Mode and Raguelmon DNA Digivolving into the dark and powerful Ordinemon. This is reflected in the DNA Digivolve requirements for this card. When this card Digivolves this way, you get to delete one of your opponent’s level 6 or higher Digimon and all of their level 5s. If that wasn’t good enough, you also get to replenish your security stack by the amount of cards deleted by this effect. When this card is deleted, you can trash one of your security cards to play the card without paying the memory cost, which can make it incredibly difficult for your opponent to get rid of this card completely. 

X-Record SR

Magnamon X-Antibody

Magnamon X-Antibody is a powerful form of Magnamon that is resistant to the deadly  Program X. This card can change the attack target to this card as long as it has an X-Antibody or Armour form Digimon beneath it, giving you a strong line of defence for your other Digimon and your security. This card also has a really nice effect that lets you place the top card of its Digivolution into your security to prevent it from being deleted. 

X-Record SR

The next main set coming to the English version of the DigimonCard Game, which follows the second EX set Digital Hazard, will be the X-Record booster. This set will focus on the incredibly powerful X-Antibody Digimon that have appeared in several movies and manga, including Digital Monster X-Evolution and Digimon Chronicle. This set, that released on February 25th in Japan, is expected to hit shelves on July 29th for the English version of the Digimon Card Game. If you would like to see all of the cards included in this booster, click here

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