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Digimon Card Game: Xros Encounter – Renamon chain

On May 27th, the Xros Encounter set was released in Japan, giving us the full set list for the upcoming booster. Although this set will focus on Digimon Fusion (Xros) and feature Digimon from that series, that doesn’t mean that fan favourites won’t make an appearance. One example of this will be the new Renamon chain illustrated by Takase.

Xros Encounter Renamon

[On Play] Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. Add 1 card with [Plug-in] in its name and 1 yellow Tamer among them to your hand. Place the remaining cards at the bottom of your deck in any order.
(ESS) [Your Turn] (Once Per Turn) When you use an Option card with a cost of 2 or more, 1 of your opponent’s Digimon gets -2000 DP.
Xros Encounter Renamon
Strength Plug-in O

While you have a Tamer in play, you may use this card ignoring its colour requirements.
[Main] 1 of your Digimon gains +3000 DP until your opponent’s next turn ends.
[Security] Gain 1 memory, add this card to your hand.
Defensive Plug-in C
While you have a Tamer in play, you may use this card without meeting its colour
[Main] 1 of your Digimon gains <Blocker> (When an opponent’s Digimon attacks, you may suspend this Digimon to force the opponent to attack it instead.) and <Reboot>, (Unsuspend this Digimon during your opponent’s unsuspend phase.)
and can’t be deleted by your opponent’s effects until your opponent’s turn ends.
[Security] Reveal 3 cards from top of your deck. You may play 1 Digimon card with a play cost of 4 or less from among them without paying its memory cost. Return the remaining cards to the bottom of deck in any order. Then, add this card to your hand.

The Renamon chain coming with Xros Encounter will focus on the use of ‘Plugin’ Option cards, such as Strength Plug-in O and Defensive Plug-in C. Renamon allows you to search for one of them, while its Inherited effect lets you reduce an enemy Digimon by -2000DP when a 2-cost Option Card is used, which will work to gradually chop your opponent’s Digimon’s DP down with the abilities of Kyuubimon, Taomon and Sakuyamon.

[When Digivolving] Activate 1 of the effects below.
-Return 1 Option card with [Plug-in] in its name from your trash to your hand.
-By trashing 1 Option card with [Plug-in] in its name in your hand, <Draw 2>. (Draw 2 cards from your deck.)
Xros Encounter Renamon
[When Digivolving] You may use 1 option card with [Plug-in] in its name from your hand ignoring its colour requirements without paying its cost.

When Digivolving into Kyuubimon, you will get some flexibility in how you use your Plugin cards, which will either let you trash one to draw 2 cards or recycle one from your trash to your hand. Taomon’s Digivolution effect will come in very handy with this archetype, allowing to play any Plugin for free and ignoring its play cost. This is ideal for higher cost Plugins like Defensive Plug-in C. The 12-cost of the Renemon chain is Sakuyamon in her Miko (Maid) Mode. Once again, this Digimon will allow you to play a plugin or yellow Option card for free, although the card used will replenish your security stack. Being able to Digivolve into a Sakuyamon for just 1 cost when attacking is also a great effect. 

Xros Encounter Renamon
Sakuyamon : Maid Mode
[When Digivolving] You may use an option with [Plug-In] in its name or a yellow Option with a memory cost of 5 or less from your hand, ignoring color restrictions and without paying its memory cost. Then after using the Option card, instead of trashing it, place it on top of your security stack face down.
[When Attacking] This Digimon can digivolve into a [Sakuyamon] in your hand for a memory cost of 1, ignoring digivolution requirements.

Xros Encounter will be the 10th main booster set of the Digimon card game and will focus on the Digimon Fusion series, which was known as Xros Wars in Japan. Not only will several Digimon make their debut for the first time, but brand new rules will be introduced that will incorporate the spirit of ‘fusion’, letting you reduce the play cost of a Digimon if you have the specified cards in your hand. This set will release on October 14th for the English version of the TCG.

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