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Digimon Card Game: Next Adventure – Top 5 Option cards

As all players know, Option cards are a crucial part of the Digimon Card Game and give the player the ability to turn the tides of a game at any given second. With today marking the official release of the Next Adventure set, we take a look at some of the best Option cards of this latest booster.

Pride Memory Boost!

Memory Boost cards are always a welcomed addition to any deck, which first came to the English version of the game with  Starter Deck 7 Gallantmon and Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon. ‘Pride Memory Boost!’ gives Black deck players another memory boost card variation for their deck, with the only difference between the original and new being that you only get to reveal three cards instead of four and is one cost higher, as well as the Digimon being played having to be 4 cost or lower. Red players will also get another Memory Boost card, only this one gives one of your Digimon Security Attack +1 for the turn instead of playing a Digimon.

Next Adventure Option Cards

Tidal Wave 

In the artwork of Tidal Wave, Whamon looks like he is putting on his own Shamoo show. Being able to break down the Digivolution chain from beneath a Digimon can come in very handy but will come at the cost of losing the Inherited Effects. 

Next Adventure Option Cards

Ultimate Sacrifice

With the sinister Lucemon taking the spotlight alongside Susanoomon, it is only fitting that the Digimon gets an Option card to help play it. If this card ends up in the Security, being able to play a level 5 for free is a really nice effect. 

Next Adventure Option Cards

Metal Cannon

The Dorumon artwork on this Option card shows the Prototype Digimon using its Dash Metal attack. ‘Metal Cannon’ offers a really nice draw mechanic for X-Antibody decks, which the Next Adventure set will focus on. Higher the Digivolution of a Digimon in play, the more cards you get to draw for just 2 cost. 

Calling From the Darkness

‘Calling From the Darkness’ has some really fun artwork, showing the devious Impmon and Dracmon luring a gullible Guilmon with a piece of meat. This card reminds me of some of the old Hyper Colosseum cards where cartoon humour was added to the illustrations. For just 1 cost, you get to delete one of your Digimon to return two from the trash, which could be a really helpful trade-off to get the right cards to your hand. 

Next Adventure Option Cards

The Next Adventure set, which was initially released within the Japanese version of the game on August 27th, releases worldwide today (March 4th). If you would like to learn more about this set, you can check out our articles below – 

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