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Digimon Classic Gift Box Revealed!

The English version of the Digimon Classic Collection will be arriving on December 3rd. Although pre-orders have begun appearing online, a new Gift Box has now been announced, which is planned to drop at the same time as the booster. 

The Classic Collection will pay homage to the Japanese exclusive Hyper Colosseum game, directly referencing the artwork and appearance of the former game. The Alternate art version of these cards, in particular, are almost indistinguishable from the originals. These cards will have ‘EX-01’ in their ID, setting them aside from the regular Digimon TCG ID numbers. 

Digimon Classic Gift Box

The Hyper Colosseum card game hit its peak in popularity in 2005, with a similar TCG also releasing in Western countries called Digi-Battle. This game also used the exact same artwork as Hyper Colosseum, only the rules were changed.

As the side of the box indicates, this product is intended for the holiday period, making it a perfect Christmas gift. This set will come with 4 Classic Collection booster packs, a promo card (which will not be the pictured Agumon, according to Bandai), a 2-player memory gauge and 1 of 4 Digivice counters.

Digimon Classic Gift Box

This set first showed up on the Australian based website EBGames, which is an affiliate of Gamestop. This is a good indication that the Digimon Classic Collection Gift Box will be sold there for the US. The price on EBGames is $60 AUS, which is $45 USD. 

The Digimon TCG Classic Collection will contain – 

  • Set contains 73 cards / 103 types total:
    • Common: x26
    • Uncommon: x20
    • Rare: x18
    • Super Rare: x8
    • Secret Rare: x1
    • Parallel: x30

If you would like to know the cards we would most like to see included in the Classic Collection, head over to our article here. To see all of the cards revealed so far for the Classic Collection, click here

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