Digimon Con 2022 – Recap

Over the weekend, the Digimon Con was streamed on the Bandai Namco YouTube channel. During this event, Bandai shared their exciting plans for the future, including the upcoming video games and an update on Digimon Survive, as well as hosting some anime discussions and other fun stuff. 

The Digimon Card Game – 

Unfortunately, there was no news about the Digimon Card Game, although the new online client was shown with players from the US going head to head against Japanese players. It did show how beneficial the system will be in translating the cards for different languages. Hopefully, Bandai intends on releasing this outside of events, allowing players to build decks and play from the comfort of their homes. Visually, it looks like a standard tabletop simulator, only more tailored for the Digimon TCG. The background graphics are a nice touch and the layout doesn’t look cluttered. 

Commemorative Sleeves for Digimon Con were announced, which will be distributed to participants of the March 2022 Digimon Card Game Fest events taking place worldwide and at other events. 

Digimon Con 2022

The Tamer’s Set vol.4 exclusive Playmat and sleeves were also announced at the 2022 Digimon Con, which can be purchased on the Premium Bandai website for those living in the US and local game stores for other regions. 

Digimon Con 2022

Video Games –

One of the main focuses of the 2022 Digimon Con was the video games section. There is a new Digimon Story game in development, which will have the Olympos XII as the main focus of the game. This game is being developed alongside Digimon Survive but has no release dates as of yet. 

Speaking of Digimon Survive, fans finally got an update on the long-standing project. After running into issues, a second team were drafted in to fix the problems, with final touches currently being added to the game before it’s complete. Unfortunately, some fans have been left disappointed to learn that the majority of the game is now a text-based format, with the previously promised tactic-style gameplay being reduced significantly. With that being said, this game will have several mechanics to keep players interested and will include a story much darker than what we’ve seen before in the franchise. Digimon Survive will take 40 hours to complete but will be more like 80 to 100 to complete absolutely everything. 

When it comes to the Digimon World games, producer Kazumasu Habu has stated that he would rather create a remake or a new title, rather than remaster of the original games so that the new Digimon can be incorporated and the franchise updated. With that being said, there are no plans in motion to continue the Digimon World games, which is unfortunate for old school fans like myself.  The Re:Digitize saga was mentioned, but because those games were on the 3DS, which needed double screens, Bandai are reluctant to try and port and remaster them as the process would be incredibly expensive. 

Digimon Con 2022

Anime and Illustrations – 

The first round winners of the Digimon Illustration Competition were revealed on the stream, showcasing the work of some seriously talented fans. Among my favourites is Kona’s piece showing Agumon and Gabumon working together to grab some juicy fruit from a high branch, Josh Floyd’s creepy Devimon perching a victorian street light, and Hachi’s terrifying Machinedramon appearing from the steam. What’s exciting about this competition is that the overall winner will have their artwork printed on a card for a future set.  If you would like to check out the other winners and their work, head over to the official competition page here

Digimon Con 2022

There was also a fantastic performance from Ayumi Miyazaki during the 2022 Digimon Con, with fans getting to participate in the Brave Heart song with clips of them singing added to the performance. There were also two real-time Raid Battles those with Vital Bracelets that saw Tamers take on the powerful Apocalymon and Diaboromon.

Digimon Con 2022

There was also an announcement for a new movie for Digimon Adventure 02, with an early character concept for a grown-up Davis Motomiya. Finally, there was an exciting sneak peek for the English Dub of Digimon Adventure 2020 series. 

Digimon Con 2022

Although no new sets were announced for the Digimon Card Game, we do have information for the upcoming products of 2022. If you would like to learn more about these sets, check out our links below – 

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