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Digimon Market Watch: Omnimon Alt Art – One year on

With all the incredible sets introduced within the Digimon Card Game so far, it’s hard to believe that the game is just over a year old. The first set released in the English game was Special Booster 1.0, which gave people the first incredibly memorable cards. The most sought after of the debuted cards was the alternate art Omnimon which instantly achieved a three-figure value, despite the youth of the game. In this article, we take a look at the current value of this card and how it has performed throughout the year.

The Special Booster 1.0 hit stores between January 29th and February 12th 2021, following a lengthy pre-release period that began in November 2020, which helped promote the game during the early days. Special Booster 1.0, and Special Booster 1.5 which came after, combined the first three Japanese Booster sets into two (BT1 to BT3). Although it is usually the alt art SEC cards that typically achieve the highest values, it was the alt art Omnimon that became the most valuable card of the booster. 

In April 2021, this card saw its peak value of around $300. By May, this card was selling for around $235 before settling at a $150 value during August and September. In November,  this card was selling for between $80 and $135 on eBay, although TCG Player had an average sale price of $90. December saw copies selling for between $80 and $100, but by the end of January 2022, the price had dropped to around $60 on TCG Player, with eBay copies selling for an average of $70.  Currently, in March, copies of TCG Player are holding at $60, while on eBay the latest copies have sold for between $54 and $60

Digimon Card Game Omnimon alt art

In March 2021, a PSA 9 copy of the alt art Omnimon sold for $414, which was followed by another in July that went for $202. In November, a PSA 9 copy of the alt art Omnimon sold for $240. An SGC 9.5 copy of the original Omnimon alternate art went for $151 on December 2nd, while a BGS 9 sold for $137 after 39 bids. We haven’t seen many PSA sales of this card, so the value of a PSA 10 is yet to be determined.  

Digimon Card Game Omnimon alt art

The art style of this card is a homage to the iconic Hyper Colosseum game, although it is not reused artwork like the Classic Collection cards. The artwork for this card was created by veteran Digimon artist Watanabe Kenji. Kenji is currently the Lead Designer of PLEX, formerly known as Wiz, which is a toy planning company in Japan that also deals heavily in the design and production of anime. It was this company that created the ‘Digital Monster’ series, which became better known as Digimon. Kenji was the first artist to illustrate Omnimon, which makes it fitting that he was chosen to design the very first alternate art of this fan favourite Digimon. 

Since the release of the Special Booster 1.0, we have had many sets released that have introduced some rare and valuable cards. When it comes to the most valuable in the entire game, however, it is the tournament prize cards that take the top spots. If you would like to learn more about these cards, you can check out our articles below – 

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