Digimon Tamer Set 3 announced!

Bandai are now taking pre-orders for the Digimon Tamer Set 3 on the Bandai Premium website. This set will include three different products, all designed to continue the Digimon TCG 1st anniversary celebrations. 

The playmat included in this set shows many Digimon in their original reference art style, which were used in the former Digi-Battle card game as well as the up and coming Digimon Classic Collection. A nice touch to this playmat is the Memory Gauge printed along the top of it. The playmat is made from polyester and natural rubber and measures 350×500 mm. 

Digimon TCG Tamer Set 3

Sixty exclusive sleeves will also come with the Digimon Tamer Set 3. The design is a direct copy of the original Hyper Colosseum card back, which will look fantastic when sleeving Classic Collection cards. There will also be five exclusive Digi-Egg sleeves with the first-anniversary logo printed on top of the original tamer companions. The sleeves are standard size, which measures approximately 67×92 mm. 

Digimon TCG Tamer Set 3

The Digimon Tamer Set 3 will be available in Japan and will cost 4180 Yen. Japanese fans will receive their products in November following the September 12th pre-order cut-off. In the US, this set will be shipped in April 2022 and will cost $35 to pre-order/purchase.

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Digimon TCG, Bandai are rolling out a number of fantastic products, including the Classic Collection that releases today (July 30th) in Japan. The English version of this booster will arrive on December 3rd, with a jam-packed Gift Box. To learn more about this set, click here.

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