Digimon TCG – 1st Anniversary Adventure Pack

To mark the 1st Anniversary of the Digimon TCG in Japan, Bandai are releasing ‘1st Anniversary Adventure Packs’  that will give fans a Tamer card and three alternate art versions of the Digimon associated with them. This week, Bandai has updated their website to show off these brand new alternate art cards, which will eventually arrive in the English version of the game. Although the Digimon in each pack have alternate art versions, the Tamers themselves do not. 

The Tai Kamiya Pack

The black Agumon (ST5-03) alt art shows a soft painting style illustration of everyone’s favourite orange dinosaur Digimon, planting some flowers. This is a stark contrast to the regular version, where he is sitting in wreckage surrounded by computer monitors. The next card shows Greymon (BT2-057) deep in thought, looking up at the sky. A nice detail of this card is that it seems to be the digivolved version of the regular black Agumon card, as the monitors are seen below him. The alternate art MetalGreymon (BT2-063) is still on a rampage, just like the regular version, dodging explosions in an all-out war.

Digimon TCG Anniversary cards

The Matt Ishida Pack 

The three alt arts in the Matt pack shows Gabumon (BT2-069) and his Digivolutions prowling around in the dead of night. This leaping version of Gabumon (BT2-069) is a contrast to the regular version, which shows the Digimon looking more peaceful. The Garurumon (BT2-073) is silhouetted by a half-moon, although a full moon would have been more fitting, considering the next Digivolution is WereGarurumon (BT2-078). 

Digimon TCG Anniversary cards

The Sora Takenouchi Pack

Looking at Biyomon (ST1-02), these alt arts have a thing about planting things, which makes a nice change from just planting meat! Birdramon (BT2-012) and Garudamon (BT2-015), on the other hand, have no time for gardening and are ready for action.

Digimon TCG Anniversary cards

The Joe Kido Pack 

Continuing the soft art style seen with the Tai cards, Gomamon (ST2-02) is still having fun at the beach, just like the regular version. Ikkakumon (ST2-025), however, doesn’t seem to be playing nice with Coelamon, who is desperately trying to swim away from him. It appears that poor Coelmon got caught when Ikkakumon Digivolved into Zudomon (ST2-027), slamming his hammer and parting the waves. 

The Izzy Izumi Pack

The alt art Tentomon (ST4-03) is super protective of the flowers in his forest. This can be seen in the final card too, where MegaKabuterimon (BT1-076) is guardian the same kind of flower, along with some other Digimon babies. The Kabuterimon (BT1-073) alt art is arguably much better looking than the regular version, doing the details of this insectoid Digmon justice. 

To learn more about the new Digimon babies /Digi-Eggs arriving with the Great Legend booster set, check out our article here

The Mimi Tachikawa Pack

Palmon (BT1-067), Togemon (BT1-074) and Lillymon (ST4-10) don’t find it difficult to make friends, which is clear in the three alt art versions. These cards look very different to their action-packed regulars, with a second Digimon in each one that almost takes up the same amount of room as the focus Digimon. 

The T.K Takaishi Pack

Patamon (BT1-048) has always looked adorable in his cards, until now. This alt art version shows Patamon taking on a Dokunemon in battle. In true Angemon (ST3-05) and MagnaAngemon (ST3-08) fashion, the two cards look angelic with brilliant white feathers taking up most of the art. 

The Kari Kamiya Pack

Just like the regular version of Salamon, this version shows the cute little cat Digimon frolicking in the summer grass. The Gatomon, on the other hand, isn’t as relaxed as she runs away from some unseen threat. The Angewomon in this alt art is holding up her Celestial Arrow, inspecting it closely. 

The ‘1st Anniversary Adventure Packs’ will be given out at the Digimon TCG ‘Tamer Exchange Meeting’ events in Japan and will hopefully hit the English version of the game sometime in January, during its own Digimon TCG Anniversary. Along with the Adventure Pack, fans will get a Pulsemon promo card, which you can learn more about here

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