Digimon TCG – A Closer Look At ‘Release Special Booster Ver.1.0’

Digimon TCG Release Special Ver 1.0

Catching up

The English version of the Digimon TCG is somewhat of a late bloomer when compared to the product releases in Japan. In fact, with almost a year’s head start, it’s no surprise that the Japanese version now has five booster packs out and is expecting its 6th booster, ‘Double Diamond Booster’, on 28 May. Bandai now intends on plugging this considerable gap with its first two English boosters, with Digimon TCG ‘Release Special Booster Ver 1.0’ and ‘Release Special Booster Ver 1.5’ being a combination of all the cards found in the first three Japanese Booster sets.

With this boost, it’s clear that Bandai wants an equal playing field for their game worldwide when it comes to the competitive meta, as well as for collectors who may be growing impatient to get their hands on an English version of the most recent cards released in Japan, such as ‘Omegamon Alter-S’ or maybe ‘Omnimon Zwart Defeat’.

Although ‘Release Booster Ver.1.0’ was officially released on February 12th, most stores are sold out due to high demand. This means that many players are only now getting their hands on the first Digimon TCG booster.

If you are one of the lucky few who have managed to get some packs or even a whole booster box, you may be wondering what to look out for from a player or collector point of view.

Digimon TCG ‘Release Special Booster Ver.1.0’ Promo Cards

Deck Toppers

For those of you purchasing an entire booster box, you will find one of 10 Box-Toppers resting on the packs. This card will be a number of alternate art Tamer cards, with two versions of Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida available. Yes, even 20 years after the release of Digimon: Adventure, Tai and Matt are still getting special treatment!

Digimon 1.0 Box Toppers

Special Box Promotion Pack

Each booster box also comes with a ‘Special Box Promotion Pack’, which comes with two paired cards in each pack. There are three pairs to collect in total, making it a total of 6 cards to collect overall.

Special Promo Pack Digimon 1.0

Dash Packs

Those who purchase 12 or more booster packs will be given a ‘Dash Pack Ver. 1.0’, containing one of five gold-foiled alternate art versions of certain cards from the main booster – one being the super rare Machinedramon. When buying an entire booster, two Dash Packs will be included with the order.

With Deck Toppers, Special Box Promotion Packs, and Dash Packs, It seems that Digimon wants to be the Oprah Winfrey of TCGs.

“You get more packs! You get more packs! You get more packs! EVERYBODY GETS MORE PACKS!”

Digimon 1.0 Dash Pack

Digimon TCG ‘Release Special Booster Ver.1.0’Top Cards To Look Out For

It’s exciting to see the first booster box drop for the Digimon TCG, although production and shipping issues have delayed many people from getting their hands on their packs. Whether you are waiting for stock to become available or have already received your packs, here are the top cards that collectors and players should keep their eye out for.

Beelzemon BT2-111

If there were ever a Digimon you would want to avoid at the bar, it’s Beelzemon. Although this card is great for play, having the ability to delete a level 4 or lower Digimon, its high play cost may be off-putting. For collectors, however, this will be a much sought-after pull. Not only is the artwork cool, with plenty of gold highlighting, but it is also a Secret Rare – making it one of the rarest cards in the game. If that wasn’t enough, its alternate art version will be even rarer and worth more.

Kentaurosmon BT03-043

Kentaurosmon is a Digimon with good genes, being a Holy, Warrior, and Knight card. It can ignore two of your opponent’s security cards, which could be devastating if your opponent only has two security cards remaining. Kentaurosmon issues -11 000 DP when it’s taken down, giving it the potential to delete a Digimon in play.

Digimon 1.0 Kentaurosmon

Machinedramon BT02-066

Machinedramon couldn’t have been named any better – being quite literally a machine of a card. Although it does get blocker, its high play cost of 12 may put players off. For collectors, however, both its original and alternate art versions look fantastic. With that being said, the alt art version can only be found in Dash Packs, which are extremely limited. Once new boosters are released in the future, don’t be surprised if this card rises in value and becomes harder to find.

Lilithmon BT03-091

While collectors may go wild for the alternate artwork version of Lilithmon, most players will be happy to pull the regular Super Rare version. This card allows you to gain two memory after using an Option card, as well as being able to return two purple Option Cards from the trash.

Lilithmon Digimon 1.0

MetalGreymon BT01-021

Anyone who has watched the original Digimon TV series will know that MetalGreymon was the first of the group to digivolve into its Ultimate form – taking out the Elvis impersonating Etemon. The MetalGreymon card is an Uncommon, which will make it undesirable to collectors. From a player’s point of view, it is a solid choice for pretty much any deck. When an attack from this card is Blocked, you gain a generous 3 memory.

Digimon 1.0 MetalGreymon

Piedmon BT02-080

Those with a phobia of killer clowns may want to skip past this next card. Those looking to resurrect two purple Digimon cards from their trash, however, may hope to pull him from their packs. Collectors should be on the lookout for the alternate art version of this card which shows the creepy clown in a menacing action pose.

Leopardmon BT3-030

Although many collectors will want to get their hands on this card for its stunning artwork, this Super Rare would be a powerful ally in pretty much any deck. Leopardmon has the fantastic ability to protect all your level 4 or lower Digimon from being deleted by Security Digimon by giving them Jamming.

leopardmon Digimon 1.0

MagnaAngemon BT1-060

In a deck that is Security focused, MagnaAngemon can power itself up into a real powerhouse. Looking at the cards already released in Japan, Security cards are set to get a massive boost in upcoming English versions, which will make MagnaAngemon even more useful going into the future.

MagnaAngemon Digimon 1.0

MetalSeadramon BT2-030

MetalSeadramon is ideal if you want your opponent to have a really bad day. Although it does have a play cost of 11, it does have 10000 DP and cannot be blocked by your opponent’s Digimon with no digivolution cards. It becomes a thorn in your opponent’s side when it returns 2 of their level 4 or lower Digimon to their hand and trashes all other digivolution cards.

MetalSeadramon Digimon 1.0

WarGreymon BT1-025

The WarGreymon alternate art version will undoubtedly be on the want-list of most collectors – showcasing a pretty epic pose from everyone’s favourite Mega digivolution. Its 12 play cost may be off-putting for players, but its ability to not activate Security skills on the Option cards it checks will provide a nice defence when it’s in play.

WarGreymon Digimon 1.0

There you have it, 10 cards that you should look out for when opening your Digimon TCG Special Booster Ver 1.0 packs.

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