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Digimon TCG – A Look at the Evolution Cup Cards

In July, Bandai kicked off their Evolution Cup events which will be held bi-monthly. These events will allow players to compete for a number of alternate art cards as well as the much-coveted Agumon and Omnimon alt-art promos. In this article, we take a look at each of these cards and the current values they are holding. 

Agumon – ST1-03 (Alt Art)

The alt art Agumon, which has an Evolution Cup logo stamp on it and is awarded to the top 62 players, is currently selling for between $250 and $300 on eBay and TCG Player. These cards were only received in August, which makes this value based on the initial wave of sales. These cards haven’t seen an increase or decrease throughout the last couple of weeks, but that is most likely down to how new it is to the market. 

Digimon TCG Evolution Cup
Digimon TCG Evolution Cup

Omnimon – BT1-084 (Alt Art)

The top two players will receive the Evolution Cup Omnimon, which is yet to hit the market. Because there are no sales as of yet, it is incredibly difficult to value this card, although it is very likely to be up there with the Omnimon parallel coming with the Double Diamond booster. The reason this could be the case is that it is rarer than the Premier TO WarGreymon prize card, which is currently the most valuable card in the game, with a PSA 9 recently selling through PWCC for $1750. Raw copies of this card is incredibly scarce at the moment, which could help boost the value when the next wave hits the market. 

Event Pack Cards 

The most valuable card that can be pulled from the Evolution Cup Event Packs is the WarGreymon (ST1-11), which is currently selling for between $170 and $250, although there are no more listed for sale at the time of writing this article. 

LordKnightmon (BT5-045) is currently selling for $200 throughout August, while DanDevimon (BT4-088) has been going for $120 and $125 during the last week. Unimon (ST3-07) has a current value of between $80 – $90, Gomamon (ST2-02) has been selling for an average of $85 and the last MetalGarurumon (ST2-11) to sell on eBay went for $212.

The prize cards used in the Premier TO events, Greymon (BT5-010) andAnd WarGreymon (ST1-11) will also be given to the 32nd and 8th place players, respectively. These cards have become some of the most valuable cards in the entire Digimon TCG – knocking the BT-1 alt art Omnimon from its throne. To learn more about these cards, head over to our article – Digimon Market: Premier TO promo cards.

Spots for the September Evolution Cup filled in minutes for certain regions, with some tickets going on sale before the official announcement which led to some players being unaware they could purchase them. The reason for this increased popularity could be down to the incredible values the prize cards are achieving lately. Bandai has now increased player capacity for Tournaments held in North America, Latin America, Europe and Oceania. Registrations will open up on Sunday, September 12th at 9 am ( local time of the tournament organiser you enter with).

To learn more about the ticket issues for the September Evolution Cup, click here.  

Players will get their chance to earn the Evolution Cup prize cards in November when the next tournament is held. As more prize cards are sent out, the values of these cards could change. Also, as more Evolution Cups are held and more prizes are put into the population, we could see the value of Agumon and Omnimon decrease.

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