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Digimon TCG – Alt Arts Of Great Legend

Special Booster 1.0 and 1.5 brought some incredible alt art variations to the Digimon TCG. Because of this, they have become some of the most sought after and expensive cards in the game. With the Great Legend booster releasing tomorrow, we take a look at every new alternate art card coming with the new set.


Agunimon is the first alt art in the set that will have the new data style background, which will replace the computer chip style that came with Special Booster 1.0 and 1.5. This new background accentuates the art of Agunimon, as well as the other cards you will see further on in this article. The gold foil fire coming from Agunimon’s fist is definitely the most striking part of this card. 

Digimon TCG alt arts
Digimon TCG alt arts


Looking like the Digimon equivalent of Thanos, the gem infused gauntlets of Blastmon look incredibly powerful. Although this Digimon cannot click its fingers to remove 50% of the Digimon population, it does have an interesting effect that allows your opponent to use an unsuspended Digimon as a Blocker against it. 


The alt art Chaosmon really means business, holding its blade out at anyone looking at it. Not many Digimon can pull off a teddy bear hand and still look intimidating, but Chaosmon certainly can.

Digimon TCG alt arts
Digimon TCG alt arts


DanDevimon is among the most evil and ferocious Digmon in the franchise, with the Great Legend alternate art version certainly living up to its reputation. The artist behind the card, Ryuda, is responsible for some other popular alt arts in the Digimon TCG, including the Dash Pack Agumon and Gabumon, as well as the alternate art Pulsemon


With this alt art version of Lobomon, artist Kenji Watanabe decided to make its weapons emit bending light beams, as opposed to the straight light swords of its usual design. In the series, Lobomon is created from the consciousness of AncientGarurumon, who will also get an alt art card in the Digimon TCG: Great Legend set.

Secret Rare Alternate Arts

The Secret Rare alt art cards in the Great Legend set have taken on a completely different style to those we saw in the Special Booster 1.0 and 1.5 sets. In those past sets, the cards were illustrated by numerous artists, with some even being a direct reference to the Japanese exclusive TCG, Hyper Colosseum

In BT-4, the alternate artwork of all the SEC cards are done by Watanabe Kenji, who is also responsible for many of the alt art cards in the game, including Omnimon and MetalGreymon from Special Booster 1.0. What is really cool about these three cards is that the images all connect to create a larger art piece. 

To learn more about these cards, head over to our article – Great Legend Secret Rares.


MirageGaogamon is another card that makes good use of the gold foiling in its design. The art style and stance of the Digimon is reminiscent of the alt art version of Omnimon from Special Booster 1.0, which still happens to be the most expensive card in the Digimon TCG. 

Digi-Bust Alternate Arts

Lilamon and Nidhoggmon are two SR green cards that also have the new ‘Digi-Burst’ Keyword. The alt art VictoryGreymon is a Digi-Burst for Red players, who looks way more mature than its standard version. RizeGreymon is another Red card who can be seen readying an attack, while ZeedGarurumon is a Blue Digi-Burst card that is charging up his Zeed Cannon. 


It’s nice to see another profile of the mighty WarGreymon in both the regular and alternate art versions on this card. The gold foiling really complements the colour of WarGreymon and the Yellow border elements of the card. 

Alternate Art Tamer Cards

The alt art Tamer Cards really aren’t much different to their regular versions, with only their backgrounds being changed. With that being said, Digimon TCG players will get three brand new Tamers to add to their collection – Marcus Damon, Thomas H. Norstein and Yoshino Fujieda. These cards will be included as Box Toppers within sealed booster boxes. 

The next set in the Digimon TCG, Great Legend, releases on June 11th. To learn more about the other cards that will come within extra packs for the set, such as Great Dash Packs and Power-Up Packs, check out our article – Digimon Great Legend Booster: Special Packs Revealed.

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