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Digimon TCG – Battle of Omni Rares

Battle of Omni officially launches on August 6th in the majority of countries. There are some incredible SEC and SR cards coming with Battle of Omni which we’ll take a look at in the coming days. In this article, we take a look at our top picks from the regular Rare cards that have amazing artwork and impressive effects.

BlackWarGrowlmon (BT5-079)

The artwork of BlackWarGrowlmon looks brutal, especially with the dead MetalGreymon in the background amongst the destruction of the city. The Digi-Burst 3 effect of this card lets you play a level 3 Digimon from your trash, but with their on play effects not activating. The Inherited Effect of this card lets you delete your own Digimon so that it can attack again. 

Battle of Omni Rares
Battle of Omni Rares

Tai Kamiya & Matt Ishida (BT5-093)

I think most fans will be happy to see a card where Tai and Matt are teaming up for battle. If your opponent has a level 6 or higher Digimon in play, you gain 2 memory. As this isn’t limited to just one turn, this card will be extremely useful. This Tamer card also gives +1 Security Attack to Omnimon. Although this card is a 4 cost, if it is checked in your Security, it is played for free. 

Terriermon Assistant (BT5-046)

Poor Terriermon is looking flustered trying to keep up with Agumon’s demands. In play, this card is good, allowing you to place the top card of your deck into your hand if it is a Green Digimon. It shares a similar effect to the Tentomon (ST4-03) that came in the Giga Green Starter Deck, only it can be used for free via Digi-Burst 1, compared to Tentomon, which requires 3 memory. 

Battle of Omni Rares

WereGarurumon: Sagittarius Mode (BT5-029)

The newest WereGarurumon card entering the Digimon TCG will gain Jamming if another WereGarurumon card is used in its Digivolution chain. Also, it has an Inherited Effect that gives it +1000 DP if the Digimon has Garurumon or Omnimon in its name. 

Megidramon (B5-083)

Megidramon is definitely a force to be reckoned with. When Digivolving, this card discards 5 cards from both players’ decks – something that could prove useful for purple decks that play from the Trash. Many fans of the Digimon TCG may think of Omnimon as one of the strongest Digimon in the franchise, but by looking at the Royal Knight firmly in the grasp of Megidramon, it seems that he has met his match. 

Argomon (BT5-058)

In this colourful full art created by Digimon TCG artist Shosuke, Argomon appears to be trying to catch a pair of mischievous Mushroomon. Building up your Digivolution chain for this Digimon will be a good idea, as you can use the Digisorption to reduce its memory cost by 2. This card is all about the Tamers – suspending your opponent’s while protecting your own! 

Mega Digimon Fusion! (BT5-109)

The artwork of this card is beautiful and is actually a reference to another card, called ‘Fuse into the Ultimate Digimon!’, from the Japanese exclusive Hyper Colosseum TCG. This card allows you to Digivolve from a level 6 to a level 7 for just one memory, but at a cost. After your turn, that Digimon is placed at the bottom of your deck and the rest of the Digivolution cards are trashed. 

Renamon (BT5-036)

Renamon will be entering the English version of the game in the Battle of Omni booster set. Her introductory artwork, illustrated by Tonamikanji, shows the ninja-themed Digimon using leaves as throwing stars. This card has an interesting effect, giving one of your opponent’s Digimon -1 Security Attack until the end of their next turn, which will ultimately block a Security attack. 

The Battle of Omni booster set will be released worldwide on August 6th, except for in the UK, which will see an August 20th release due to distribution issues. If you would like to learn about some of the other cards coming with this set, click on one of the articles below. 

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