Digimon TCG: Battle of Omni Secret Rares

With the release of the Great Legend booster beyond us, it is now time to take a look at the next exciting chapter in the Digimon TCG. BT-5, Battle of Omni, will be the next 112 card set to enter the game. In Japan, this set was named Battle of Omega, but since Omegamon was renamed Omnimon in English, the name of the booster was also changed to reflect this. 

In this article, we take a look at the Secret Rare cards of this set, which will no doubt follow in the footsteps of the previous ones and become some of the rarest and most sought after cards in the entire Digimon TCG. 

Digimon TCG Battle of Omni

Omnimon X Anti-body

We have had plenty of Omnimon so far in the Digimon TCG, but it seems that Bandai are not ready to ease up on the Legendary Warrior any time soon. The next Omnimon variation will come in the form of Omnimon X Anti-body (BT5-111), which will be playable in both red and blue decks. This Digimon can delete an opponent’s Digimon with less DP than its own, meaning that it can attack one enemy Digimon while taking out another with its effect. The effect that kicks in during your opponent’s turn is also incredibly powerful, as it can stop an attack if two Digivolution cards are trashed from beneath it. This effect works just like the new ‘Digi-Burst’ keyword coming with the Great Legend booster, although it hasn’t been classed as that in the original Japanese card. 

The Illustration of this Battle of Omni card was completed by As’Maria, a Digimon TCG designer who created the look of many X Anti-body Digimon including Omnimon X Anti-body. The glass-like finish of this Omnimon gives the card a lot of originality when compared to the others previously released.

Omnimon X Anti-body – Alternate Art

Bandai are proud of their past and often reference the iconic art pieces from the older Hyper Colosseum and Digi-Battle card games. This alternate art card is very similar to the alt art MetalGreymon (BT1-114) where not only the card looks like the Hyper Colosseum style, but the original artwork has also be reused. This card will arrive just in time for the Digimon TCG Classic Collection, which will include new cards with repurposed classic artwork. This set is expected to release in Japan on July 30th and December 3rd for the English game.

If you would like to see more references to Hyper Colosseum within the Digimon TCG, check out our article here

Digimon TCG Battle of Omni

Omnimon Zwart D

If this card happens to be in your Security pile, then it could become a nightmare for your opponent. When Omnimon Zwart D is attacked in the Security pile, the battle is cancelled and the card is played. When Digivolving, it deletes one of your opponent’s Tamers, and when it is deleted, it will take a Digimon with it. In short, this card could really mess up your opponent’s strategy. 

The virus-ridden Omnimon Zwart D is seen desperately trying to hold himself together in this artwork, with the menacing red glow reflecting onto his broken and cracking armour. This Battle of Omni illustration was created by Tonamikanji, an artist behind a large number of cinematic-esk scenes from the Digimon TCG. Some of his work include Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode (BT3-031), Lilithmon (BT3-091) and BlackWarGreymon (BT2-112).

Omnimon Zwart D – Alternate Art

Unlike both Omnimon X Anti-body versions that were illustrated by the same artist, the alt art version of Omnimon Zwart D was created by sasasi. This isn’t the first Omnimon variation created by this artist, as he also designed the regular Secret Rare version from the Special Booster 1.0, as well as Omnimon Alter-S from 1.5. 

In this version of the card, we get to see a close up of the bandaged MetalGreymon arm that appears almost corpselike with its bulging eye. This card can be played in Black and Purple decks, which is reflected in the dark and creepy artwork. 

Digimon TCG Battle of Omni

The Battle of Omni booster set will release on August 6th, with more information likely to be revealed shortly after June 11th when the Great Legend booster is released. To learn more about the Secret Rares from that set, head over to our article here

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