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Digimon TCG – Battle of Omni Super Rares

The Battle of Omni booster set is quickly approaching, and with it, some incredible new Super Rares will enter the fray. In this article, we take a look at the standard versions of each one and discuss their aesthetic and practical uses within the Digimon TCG.

Shoutmon DX

‘Shoutmon DX’ has a very specific type of deck that it works with, as it is beneficial to use ‘OmniShoutmon’ and ‘ZeigGreymon’ while Digivolving into it. The card has been illustrated by Tonamikanji and shows this fusion Digimon ready to turn its opponent into ash. 


Hexeblaumon can do a lot more than give an enemy Digimon brain freeze. This card can not only strip the Digivolution material from beneath an opponent’s Digimon, but can also gain Jamming if there is nothing left beneath it. This will give you some protection when attacking the Security pile. 


We have already had a number of Royal Knight cards appear in the Digimon TCG, but now LordKnightmon arrives for the very first time. The artist, Sasasi, has done a great job of capturing the noble appearance of the heavenly Digimon. The effect that allows you to play a level 3 Yellow Digimon from your hand when attacking will help you fill your side of the field quickly, which will also power this Digimon up by +1000 DP for each one you get out. 


When it comes to green cards in the Digimon TCG, females rule supreme. ‘Rafflesimon’ was illustrated by Nakano Haito, with the Digimon drawn in one of the artists favourite poses, with a charging attack at the forefront of the card art. This was seen with GranKuwagamon, Megadramon and MetalGarurumon.


Speaking of MetalGarurumon, a brand new black version of this Digimon, in the midst of an epic battle with WarGreymon, will be coming with Battle of Omni. This Digimon not only gets protection by unsuspending itself with the Reboot keyword, but also has a Digi-Burst effect that can delete a Digimon with a play cost of 6 or less. 


Fans of Gallantmon will be excited to hear that a new, much darker version of this Digimon is on the way. The artwork, completed by Naochika Morishita, looks incredible, with some seriously impressive detailing which includes reflected light, realistic metal surfaces and ruffled cape. 


Tactimon is leading the charge in this new Battle of Omni Super Rare, with a number of other purple Digimon following behind. Although there are quite a few Digimon in the image, Tactimon actually works better alone, as you get all three effects if you have no other Digimon in play.


Built from multiple Kuramon, this mutated Digimon lives up to its name. You can not only play it for just 3 cost when deleting a Diaboromon from your side of the field, but it also gets rush, allowing it to attack straight away. 


It wouldn’t be the Digimon TCG, without more Omnimon coming along. This new design is different to the others, offering a more softer appearance. When Digivolving, this Digimon gets unsuspended, which means you can get at least 2 attacks from it. You can protect this card from leaving the field by trashing a level 6 Digimon from beneath it.

Omnimon Zwart

The other Omnimon coming as a Super Rare is Omnimon Zwart. If the art style looks familiar, it’s because it was done by Naochika Morishita, who also illustrated the ChaosGallantmon Super Rare coming with the Digimon TCG Battle of Omni booster set. 

A recent leak has hinted that the next Digimon booster set releasing in Japan will be ‘New Adventure’, which will turn away from the original Digimon anime series and will focus its sights on the Frontier series instead. As this first chapter closes for the Digimon TCG, it seems that we may see the reign of Omnimon also end after 18 different variations throughout the English and Japanese versions. To learn more about all of these cards, head over to our article – Omnimon Parallel:The rarest card in the Digimon TCG.

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