Digimon TCG Card Analysis: ‘Ghost’ Omnimon

Omnimon has become somewhat of a poster child for the Digimon TCG, especially in its first year. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and for the Royal Knight Digimon, it is the incredibly rare ‘Ghost’ Omnimon that will be its crowning jewel. In this article, we take a closer look at a card that instantly achieved legendary status, despite only being in the game for less than a year. 

Prior to the release of the Double Diamond booster set in Japan, this special parallel card had been kept a complete secret. Soon after the first copies were pulled and shared online, it was clear that its pull rate was like nothing seen before within the Digimon TCG.  ‘Ghost’ Omnimon borrows the art from the standard Omnimon from the Special Booster 1.0 (BT-1), only with most of its colour removed. The colour that does remain has been foiled and textured, which gives it an artistic and premium finish. 

About the Booster – 

The Double Diamond booster was released on May 28th for the Japanese game, and between October and November for the English version, following a staggered region release and delays brought on by the pandemic. Along with several sought after cards, such as the BeelStarmon (BT6-112) alternate art and the Sistermon cards, came ‘Ghost’ Omnimon, which became the most valuable card to be pulled from any booster pack. 

The Artist Behind the Card – 

Although there are currently 18 different variations of Omnimon, Bandai chose to base its ‘Ghost’ Parallel version on the very first standard version that came with the Special Booster 1.0 set.  This was quite a fitting decision, as ‘Ghost’ Omnimon was released as part of the Digimon TCG’s first anniversary celebrations. 

The artwork for the card was illustrated by Sasasi, an artist who is incredibly talented at creating depth in his Digmon pieces. Before working on the Digimon TCG, Sasasi was involved in the Digimon Battle Spirits game, which was created in 2008 by Carddass, Bandai and Sunrise Inc. This game mixed several anime series, manga and even toys and video games to create one huge collaborative TCG.

Sasasi is responisible for a number of incredible card arts, including the first Agumon promo card that was distributed during the early days of the game, and the UlforceVeedramon  DC-1 Grand Prix prize card. Sasasi excels at creating scenes involving multiple Digimon and immersive landscape backgrounds. 

The Price of ‘Ghost’ Omnimon

The ‘Ghost’ Omnimon that came with the Double Diamond booster is the most valuable card that can be pulled from a booster pack. When this card first started hitting the market back around October, there were sales of between $1275 and $1925, with sales peaking in November at $2303. The prices have significantly dropped since then, with the latest raw copies selling for $530, $591, $610, $650, $680 and $857 between December 7th and December 12th. 

The reason for the eye-watering price tag is down to its pull rate, which is rumoured to be a one in three case chance. Considering that there are 12 booster boxes in one case, this card will undoubtedly be one of the ultimate holy grail cards of the Digimon TCG! There are only 15 ‘Ghost’ Omnimon cards in the PSA population, with only three of those achieving PSA 10 grades. Unfortunately, there have been very limited sales for PSA graded copies, with the only one currently up for sale being one of the two PSA 8s, which has an asking price of $2030. There is also a PSA 9 copy up for sale, with an asking price of $2250.

It’s not unusual for Tournament exclusive cards to overshadow those pulled from booster packs when it comes to the TCG value hierarchy. The reason for this is simply because there are far fewer top prize cards in existence compared to the SEC Alternate Arts found in boosters. If Bandai were to introduce more incredibly rare booster pack cards, like ‘Ghost’ Omnimon, we may see different cards taking the top spots in the Digimon TCG market. To learn more about the rarest cards in the game, check out our article here

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