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Digimon TCG: Classic Collection – Our Top Picks

If you grew up in the 90s, you may remember the original Digimon card game growing up, known as Digi-Battle. This series only lasted six booster sets, which were released over a span of two years. Although it was short-lived, the artwork of these cards became iconic, so much so that Bandai decided to pay homage to the series by creating a Classic Collection which captures the appearance of the Digi-Battle cards that are playable in the Digimon TCG. 

The original Digimon game, Digi-Battle, was actually based on the Japanese Digimon game created by Bandai, known in the West as Hyper Colosseum. Around the time of its release in the late 90s, most TCGs were really about who could get the highest-scoring card down on the field, rather than any real strategy. When it came to ‘Hyper Colosseum’, however, the addition of Digivolutions, abilities and types rocketed the game into a league of its own. This game can be considered the ultimate predecessor to the Digimon TCG we play today, which has several cards referencing some of the most iconic Hyper Colosseum artwork. If you would like to get a closer look at these cards, you can check out our article here

Our Top Picks

Standard Artwork

For the standard version of the Classic Collection cards, Bandai chose to go with the original character illustrations placed on top of a new colour themed background. These have subtle computer coding added to them and computer chip aspects, which is very much in line with the Digimon aesthetic. Among all of them, our favourites have to be MetalTyrannomon, readying its attack, the creepy full art Piedmon and the majestic full art Seraphimon. 


An alternate art variation in the Classic Collection have backgrounds with a digital theme with sprites that are a throwback to the original Digimon handheld games that were similar to Tamagotchi. Out of all of them, the Garurumon is arguably the best looking, who is also a fan favourite from the original series. 

Analog Youth

Both the standard and alternate art versions of this card look great, with a searchability effect to match. The Analog Youth card is a reference to the Digimon World game released on the PS1. Those who played the game may remember playing as the character known as Mameo, as he is forced the save the Digital world from an evil computer programmer. If you would like to see other references from the first Digimon World title, head over to our article – Digimon World references in Battle of Omni.

Best Classic Collection Cards


Although the Machinedramon SEC alternate art stands out among the other classic looking cards, the illustration done by Sasasi, who always does an incredible job of capturing action scenes, looks phenomenal. If you would like to see other work from this artist, head over to our article here


Although this set is crammed full of cleaned up Digi-Battle/ Hyper Colosseum artwork, one that really stands out is MetalGreymon alternate art, which has a lot of depth and captures the spirit of the previous card games. 

Hyper Colosseum Original Card

Option Cards

The Power Option cards in the former games often showed comical scenes done in a comic book style. Wanting to utilise these illustrations, Bandai has chosen a number of them for the Classic Collection, including a scene where DemiDevimon is given the important task of filling Myotismon’s glass of soda, as well as a poor sleeping Cherrymon who has become the playground for some mischievous Digimon. 

The Digimon TCG Classic Collection was released in Japan on July 30th, and is expected to arrive within the English version of the game sometime around December 3rd. There will also be a Gift Box releasing around the same time, which will come with 4 Classic Collection booster packs, a promo card, a 2-player memory gauge and 1 of 4 Digivice counters. To learn more about this set, click here

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