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Digimon TCG: Classic Collection update!

Recently, Bandai shared that they intend on releasing a Classic Collection set for the Digimon TCG. Now, more details about this exciting legacy set, as well as when to expect it, have been revealed.  

The initial announcement of the Classic Collection was shared on a special live stream in Japan, which explained how they intended on celebrating the first anniversary of the Digimon TCG. During the online event,  Starter Decks 7 and 8  were announced, as well as the Digimon Adventure Packs that will focus on specific Tamers. Each of these packs will include four cards themed around the Tamer, with popular Digimon like Angemon, Leomon, Greymon, Garurumon and Devimon making an appearance. 

Digimon TCG Classic Collection

Although no cards have been shared yet, the art of the Classic Collection will be done in the older style seen in the Digi-Battle card game and Hyper Colosseum. The pack art of the set has also been revealed, which shows the legacy art paying homage to those older Digimon TCGs.

The Digi-Battle WarGreymon Card is the inspiration for the Classic Collection pack art.

The Classic Collection’s ID name will ‘EX-1’, introducing the first set of these types of cards. It is believed that these cards will be playable in the current game and will only resemble the art of the former TCGs. 

The official release date of the Classic Collection in Japan will be July 30th, while the English version should be expected on December 3rd. As is the case with other TCG releases, these dates will depend on the status of the distribution/manufacture and are subject to change. 

The Classic Collection will consist of: 

*73 cards / 103 types total

*12 cards per pack

*26 x Common

*20 x Uncommon

*8 x Super Rare

*1 x Secret Rare

*30 x Parallel

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