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Digimon TCG – ‘Decoy’ new keyword skill

Because the Japanese version of the Digimon TCG is ahead of the English version, we are fortunate enough to see what’s coming to the game. After sharing several cards for BT-6, the Double Diamond booster, Bandai has shared a brand new Keyword Skill called ‘Decoy’.

It seems that the ‘Decoy’ Keyword Skill only applies to black Digimon TCG cards, much like how ‘Digisorption’ stays solely with green cards and ‘Recovery’ is exclusive to yellow. Currently, the only two known Digimon with the ‘Decoy’ Keyword Skill are Mamemon and Machmon.

Digimon TCG Decoy Skill
Digimon TCG Decoy Skill

So what does ‘Decoy’ do?

When your other black Digimon would be destroyed by your opponent’s effect, you may destroy this Digimon to stop 1 of those Digimon from being destroyed.

This basically stops another black Digimon from being Deleted by another card effect – like a ‘Blocker’ that saves another Digimon from being deleted by an effect. It is important to note that the ‘Decoy’ Digimon can only save one other black card and will not save a Digimon that attacks an opponent but then faces deletion from a Security Card. 

Mamemon offers a benefit for taking the bullet for another Digimon, as it will delete one of your opponent’s Digimon with a play cost of 7 or less. 

Machmon only comes with the ‘Decoy’ Keyword Skill and nothing else, making it a fun looking Digimon TCG card with stats you would expect for the play cost. 

The Japanese updates revealing the future of the TCG may not always be as generous, as the English version seems to be catching up rather quickly with the Japanese. This means that eventually, the information on future sets will become far more scarce. 

If you want to learn more about the next set to hit the English game, Great Legend, click here. To keep up to date with all future Digimon TCG updates, including any new Keyword Skills, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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