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Digimon TCG: Double Diamond – Early Market Analysis

The Double Diamond pre-release period kicked off on October 8th in many regions, injecting several exciting new cards into the market. Although these prices are based on the pre-release values, which could change once the set officially releases on October 15th, these early values will give an insight into some of the top Double Diamond chase cards.

Beelstarmon SEC (BT6-112) Regular & Alternative Art

It’s no surprise that Beelstarmon is currently sitting at the higher end of the Double Diamond market. Both the regular and alt art versions look wild and eyecatching, and their playability will undoubtedly be seen in Three Musketeer decks. The regular version has been selling for between $50 and $60, while copies on TCG Player have all gone for $70 each. These cards are believed to have one of the shortest print runs in the Double Diamond booster. 

Digimon Double Diamond

Alphamon SEC (BT6-111) Regular & Alternative Art

Two copies of the regular Alphamon sold for around $50 on eBay on the 8th and 9th of October, with seven copies selling through TCG Player for $55, giving it a pretty clear value at the time of writing this article. Alt art copies are selling for around $75, which gives it a similar initial value as the Beelstarmon alt art. 

Digimon Double Diamond

Agumon – Bond of Bravery (BT6-018) Regular & Alternative Art

Agumon – Bond of Bravery, as well as the next entry in our list, Gabumon – Bond of Friendship, both appeared in the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie that recently celebrated its first anniversary. When it comes to the regular version, copies have been selling for an average of $11. As is always the case, the alternate art version of this card has a higher value, selling for between $40 and $55 on eBay. This card will certainly see a lot of play, especially in red Aggro decks.

Gabumon – Bond of Friendship (BT6-030) Regular & Alternative Art

Gabumon – Bond of Friendship shares a similar pre-release value as its red counterpart, Agumon – Bond of Bravery. The last copies, sold on October 10th on eBay, have been selling for between $9 and $12. The alt art version is also selling for between $40 and $55

Digimon Double Diamond

Sistermon Blanc and Sistermon Ciel  – Regular & Alternate Arts

The alt art version of Sistermon Blanc and Sistermon Ciel last sold on eBay for $40 and $43, with both of their regular versions sharing a $6 value. Considering these cards are only Rare, these are not bad initial prices and may reflect the fandom of the characters and the Sistermon censorship controversy of late. 

Mamemon (BT6-064)

The alternate art Mamemon, which has a fantastic comic book style artwork, is currently worth $35. This is not only the first introduction of this Digimon but is also amongst the first ‘Decoy’ cards to enter the game. 

‘Ghost’ Omnimon 

Omnimon Ghost/Parallel has been a hot topic within the Digimon TCG community due to its incredible rarity. The Japanese version was believed to be a one in three case chance, with some claiming that it may even be harder than that to find. Although the pull rate of the English version is still unknown, the sheer amount of ‘Ghost’ Omnimon cards being shared to social media during the pre-release period may point to the pull rate being slightly higher than the Japanese counterpart. This has led to some confusion when it comes to sellers setting prices. Many are matching those of the Japanese version, which is around $2500, while others have gone as low as $600. Sales between $1100 and $1300 have been achieved during the pre-release period but could see price drops when more come onto the market next week.

There are several other cards that will rank among the most valuable of the set but are not included in our list because they are yet to hit the market. This includes alternate arts such as Pulsemon (BT6-033), SkullGreymon (BT6-078) and Titamon (BT6-081). Once the set is officially released on October 15th, we may see a very different landscape when it comes to the top value cards. 

All of these prices are based on their initial pre-release values and will most certainly change once more copies come onto the market. It will be interesting to see the progress of ‘Ghost’ Omnimon and the realistic pull rate of this chase card, especially considering the Japanese version is currently holding a value of around $2500. To learn more about this card, you can head over to our article here

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