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Digimon TCG: Double Diamond Secret Rares

The Japanese version of the Double Diamond booster was released on May 28th and introduced the rarest card in the Digimon TCG, Omnimon Parallel. Well, on October 15th, fans of the English version of the game will get their chance to try and hunt down this incredible card, as well as the other Secret Rares of the set.

The Double Diamond booster will include four SEC, with two being alternate art versions. This is similar to how the latest sets have been. 


BeelStarmon is regarded as the female version of Beelzemon. In fact, the official Digimon reference book states that her guns, named the Rizoma de Loto, are twins to Beelzmon’s Berenjena pistols. This Digimon also has a great relationship with other gun-wielding Digimon, which has been incorporated into the effects of the BeelStarmon card, working with ‘Three Musketeer’ cards to make her play cost cheaper. This card can also play a 7 cost Option card for free, which is an extremely nice effect to have.

Double Diamond Secret Rare


Alphamon, like Omnimon, is a warrior Digimon and is one of the Royal Knights. The two Double Diamond SEC artworks are completely different from each other, with one looking gloomy as the Digimon faces Gallantmon and the other looking much lighter in As’maria’s iconic art style. This card is another that players will hope to find in their Security, as it can be played for free when checked. If you have another Royal Knight or X-antibody in play, then you will be protected from attacks for the rest of the turn. Alphamon can gain up to 5000 extra DP, depending on how much memory you spend.

Double Diamond Secret Rare

The Double Diamond booster has been pushed back from October 8th to October 15th in Europe, Latin America and Oceania, with North America pulling the short straw with a Mid-November release date. Bandai has issued an apology for the delays caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic and insists that they will get solid release dates for North America in October. 

The Double Diamond booster set will be the first booster to not heavily focus on Omnimon and his different variants. The following booster, Next Adventure, will continue this pattern and include Digimon from the Frontier anime series, including the Campaign cards which will feature the original Tamers and their companions for the first time. To learn more about these cards, head over to our article here.  

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