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Digimon TCG: Evolution Cup Announcement!

Bandai has shared the news that they will be hosting a new Digimon TCG online tournament called the Evolution Cup. This event will run during July and September, offering up brand new Agumon and Omnimon alt art cards as prizes. Everyone participating will receive an Event Pack for entering, which will feature several reprints, including brand new alt art background designs.

Digimon TCG Evolution Cup

The top 64 players competing in the Evolution Cup will win the Agumon reprint, while the top two will take home the newest Omnimon version to enter the Digimon TCG. The Evolution cup begins on June 19th at 9 AM local time. Bandai has provided a helpful little Google Doc to help with dates and sign up information. The Evolution Cup will be a series of webcam events available to players in North America, Latin America, UK, Belgium, Oceania, France, Spain and Italy. 

Event Packs –

So far, we know that the Event Pack will contain LordKnightmon, who has new exclusive new alt-art, and Vilemon, that has the new Event Pack background! More cards will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The registration is still open for the ‘Premier TO Event’ happening this month, so for those who are keen to enter and get their hands on the new Koromon, Greymon and WarGreymon promos, head on over to the official Digimon website

Digimon TCG Evolution Cup

With the Great Legend booster releasing today, there has never been a better time to fine-tune your deck with the latest cards in the Digimon TCG. If you would like to take a closer look at the cards from this set, check out our articles below. 

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