Digimon TCG – Fun Memory Gauge/Counter Ideas

Digimon memory counter

The Digimon TCG is unique in the way that it uses a Memory Gauge marked by counters. Many players may choose to use the gauges on their playmats or the ones that come with every booster, but the counter itself is down to the player. While some may choose to use a spare coin or bottle lid, there are others who have come up with some creative counter ideas to keep track of their memory in battle.

Digimon Memory Counter – 1999 Figures

The resurgence of Digimon has fired up nostalgia in many fans, especially those old enough to remember when the show first began. If that is the case, then why not take that nostalgia one step further and use an official Bandai mini-figure? These came in a whole array of old school Digimon, which means you could choose one that best suits the type of deck you’re playing. 

Digimon memory counter

3D Custom Gauges

If you really want to show up in style, you could invest in an (unofficial) custom gauge. These are made by creative fans like DL Designs NI, who have used their love for Digimon to create some seriously cool moveable gauges. 

Digimon memory counter

Hand Made Memory Gauges

Are you handy with cardboard and glue, and happen to have a colour printer? Then why not get creative and make your own Memory Gauge / Counter board? By using the numbers going down from 10 and back up the other side as your foundation, you could use different colour palettes and Digimon designs for the background. After that, all you need to do is either make a small flat counter to move up and down, or go one step further and make a Digivice with a cutout screen. This will work similarly to a Ouji board, only with fewer ghosts (unless you play Bakemon, of course.)  

Acrylic Digivice Digimon Memory Counters

You can purchase Acrylic Digimon Memory Counters online extremely cheaply. These Digivives have a clean window in the middle, which allows them to frame the Memory Gauge numbers. 

Magnetic Counter Gauge

If you take a magnetic surface, like a magnetic sheet that you can pick up quite cheaply online, you could either glue down two gauge cards, cover it in paper and hand draw/paint a design or print off a design and glue it down. After that, you can then use a fridge magnet to keep your counter firmly attached to the board. 

Digimon memory counter

3D Printed Digimon Memory Counters

3D printing never ceases to be useful, as some players are now 3D printing their favourite Digimon to use as memory counters. With such freedom when it comes to designing their creations, you could really cook up some fantastic looking Digimon to stare down your opponent, so you don’t have to. If you have no idea how to create a model to print, then you can purchase templates from those who designed them. 

Digimon memory counter

DigiGauge App

Digimon is set in the Digital world, so why not let that be the place where you and your opponent keeps track of the memory gauge? The DigiGauge app can be found on the Google Play Store and will cost $1.49. The app allows you to type in the names of the players, toss coins and increase and decrease Memory at the touch of a screen. The app also records the turn duration for both players, as well as the memory gained and paid during a turn. 

The truth is, you could just about use anything small enough as a Digimon Memory Counter – a guitar pick, a dice, a bottle cap, a Pokemon coin or any other little figurine you have. Much like ‘Token’ cards in games like DBS CG and Yu-Gi-Oh, there is a degree of freedom and customizability which will allow you to inject a little bit of your personality into the Digimon TCG. 

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