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Digimon TCG – Graded Omnimon Parallel hits the market

Due to the massive influx in submissions earlier this year, grading services like PSA and Beckett were forced to slow down service to deal with their backlog. As things begin to get back to normal in the grading scene, Digimon TCG cards are now returning after months of waiting.  One card that has really hit the game by storm is the Japanese Omnimon white parallel card that came with the recently released Double Diamond booster. At the time of its release, it changed the Digimon TCG market overnight, with the price of the most valuable raw card in the game going from $150 (Omnimon Alt Art) up to $2500 (Omnimon Parallel). 

So why is this card so incredibly valuable? Well, It seems that Bandai doesn’t want to wait decades to get their own Black Lotus or Shadowless Base Charizard, which have become holy grail cards for collectors in their respective TCGs. In fact, it seems that they were not even willing to wait a few years to see a specific card’s rarity increase naturally as a result of limited print runs, as was the case with ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’, which came with Bandai’s sister game, the DBS CG. To achieve this, they simply made the pull rate of Omnimon Parallel incredibly low. Some people believe that there is a 1 in 3 carton chance of pulling this card, while others say it could be closer to a 1 in 25 chance. If the latter turns out to be accurate, the ratio would be 1 in every 300 booster boxes, which is absolutely mind-blowing. 

The First Graded Cards – 

The first graded Parallel Omnimon cards, one graded with BGS and two with PSA, have been returned to the submitters with the BGS one up for sale. The card achieved a BGS 9, with corners and surfacing getting a 9.5. The eBay listing is asking for $5,550, while the lowest price for raw copies are listed for $2,500. As there are very few on the market, with even less sales at the time of writing this article, the true value is yet to be realised. If this graded Omnimon does sell for the asking amount, however, it will set the bar for the Digimon TCG and will bring into question the value of a PSA 10, BGS 10 or even a BGS Black Label, which would be worth considerably more.

The big question is, why have no collectors bought Omnimon Parallel yet? It is likely and understandable that there is a high level of uncertainly surrounding this card and its value because of the lack of sales data. It is also important to remember that collectors are not used to seeing such high prices in a TCG that isn’t even a year old yet. With the price of the TCG’s top chase cards going from three figures to four in a matter of weeks, it is only natural that people will want to hold off until they have more information. People may even be holding off to see how the English version affects the value of the Japanese counterpart, out of fear of it dropping significantly as western collectors turn to the English Omnimon Parallel.

Graded Omnimon Parallel

Grading services authenticate real cards before slabbing them and then log their numbers on a database for potential buyers to look up. This means that getting an Omnimon Parallel graded, or buying a graded one, may be the safest option when securing this card, especially as there has been a recent influx of authentic-looking fake copies entering the market. While current raw prices are around the $2,500 mark, with no guarantee that the card will achieve a high grade, spending $5,550 on a BGS 9 may be a very appealing option for the right collector. 

Graded Omnimon Parallel

Including the incredibly rare Omnimon Parallel into the Digimon TCG may just be the first of these purposely made chase cards, although it is unlikely to be a frequent occurrence. The new Omnimon alt art is part of the 1st-anniversary celebration and could be considered the swan song for Omnimon, who won’t be focused on as much in the sets following Double Diamond. 

To learn more about the Double Diamond booster, which will be releasing on October 8th for the English game, check out our article here

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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