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Digimon TCG Great Legend – cards that deserve a higher rarity

In just over two weeks, The Great Legend booster arrives in the English version of the Digimon TCG. So far, we have covered all the rarities from the Rares to the Secret Rares in this set. Now we’re going to take a look at the Common and Uncommon cards that we believe deserve a higher rarity, whether it is for their fantastic art or handy effects. 


The art of BurningGreymon should have at least earned the gold border of a Rare card. It is an incredibly cool action shot with Gogmamon sinisterly standing behind him. The effect of this card is very helpful for climbing the Digivolution ladder quickly, as you can use a Red Tamer Card as a level 3 Digimon. What is more, this card gains +3000 DP, giving it a grand total of +9000 DP. 

Digimon TCG C and U cards
Digimon TCG C and U cards


This dinosaur Digimon is literally bursting out of the card in his duel against Beelzemon. In fact, even the vibrant greenery is taking over the card’s border, which would definitely benefit from the gold highlighting of a Secret Rare, although it would need a less modest effect to achieve that rarity. 


One of the ultimate denizens of the deep within the Digital World, Regalecusmon is taking no prisoners. If the torn off Zudomon horn in his hand and the ocean background had the shimmer of a hollo, especially a parallel foil, this card would look even better.

Digimon TCG C and U cards


The artwork of this card tells an entire story, with Leomon saving a poor Patamon against some attacking Goblimon. The piece was illustrated by Koki, who is known for his attention to detail, soft watercolours and the interesting scenes he creates. 


Sealsdramon will be entering the Digimon TCG for the first time with the Great Legend booster. This Cyborg type Digimon definitely deserves more than just an Uncommon rarity for this striking art. Sealsdramon’s Blocker effect may be helpful for saving another Digimon or a Security card from an attack, but losing 2 Memory when attacking isn’t so appealing. 


As seen with the alternate art cards that came with Special Booster 1.0 and 1.5, ‘computer chip’ style backgrounds look really cool in foil. With BanchoGolemon smashing down on this type of floor, it would have been a nice twist to see the alt art foil ‘computer chip’ element interacting with the Digimon. This Digimon is quite powerful in play too, getting stronger if your opponent has three or more Digimon in play. 


Phantomon’s golden scythe looks perfect for some gold foiling, although making it a Secret Rare would be too over the top. As this is the first time Phantomon has been seen in the Digimon TCG, it seems only fitting that it should get at least a Rare version. 

I’ll Drag You Into the Depths! & Heir of Dragons

These two cards have been placed together because they are both references to the original Japanese exclusive TCG, Hyper Colosseum. To really pay tribute, it would have been nice to see these cards as a Super Rares. 

To see other Digimon TCG cards that reference Hyper Colosseum, head over to our article – Hyper Colosseum References in Digimon TCG. If you would like to check out the Alternate Arts, Secret Rares, Super Rares and regular Rares within the Great Legend set, follow the links in the text. 

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