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Digimon TCG – Great Legend Secret Rares

When it comes to Secret Rares, the Digimon TCG know how to do them right. Special Booster 1.0 brought us alt arts that referenced the artwork of the much loved Japanese exclusive Hyper Colosseum, while 1.5 welcomed Imperialdramon and a new variation of Omnimon. The next booster set, Great Legend is now out and ushers in more incredible Secret Rares.

AncientGreymon (BT4-113)

AncientGreymon arrives with the Great Legend booster set, marking its first appearance in the English version of the Digimon TCG. The AncientGreymon Secret Rare will work with other Greymon cards, besides the exceptions listed. These exceptions were previously ruled on a recent Bandai social media post after some confusion arose regarding the different Digimon names used in Japan.

While the standard version of the card captures one of the Legendary Warriors in the middle of an attack, the alt art version looks far calmer but no less menacing.

Great Legend Secret Rares
Great Legend Secret Rares

AncientGarurumon (BT4-114)

It seems that there can’t be a Greymon card released without a Garurumon following close behind. The regular Secret Rare version of AncientGarurumon can be seen clashing his duel swords together, while the alt art version stands back looking solemnly into the distance. 

Much like the Greymon equivalent, this Digimon works with other Garurumon. When it is Deleted, you can play a level 4 blue Digimon without paying the cost, as long as it has ‘Hybrid’ in its form.

Great Legend Secret Rares
Great Legend Secret Rares

Lucemon (BT4-115)

Like Angemon and Angewomon, Lucemon is another angelic Digimon covered in brilliant white feathers. This card can have its hefty play cost reduced to just 5, if you have 10 or more cards in the Trash. 

Great Legend Secret Rares

A really cool feature of the alt art Secret Rares is that they all connect together to make up one large image. This may encourage collectors to track down all three so that they can be displayed side by side in a binder or a UV protected frame. 

These Secret Rares could become the most sought after and expensive in the Great Legend booster set, considering the patterns seen so far in the Digimon TCG market. If you would like to learn more about the most up to date card values, make sure you catch our weekly Market Watch article

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