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Digimon TCG: Great Legend Super Rares

In the past couple of weeks, we have covered the Secret Rares and alternate art cards coming to the Digimon TCG with the Great Legend booster set. In this article, we will take a look at all of the Super Rares coming with the third set of the game, excluding the alternate art cards. 

Aldamon & Beowolfmon

Aldamon & Beowolfmon are both new Hybrid type cards coming with the Great Legend booster. When playing these cards, if there is another Hybrid or Tamer card in the Digivolution material beneath them, they get a nice +4000 DP bonus. The artwork in both of these cards will really pop with the SR foiling. 

Great legend Super Rares


This card works best when facing an opponent with a deck that draws a lot, as it gains 1 memory for every 4 cards in their hand. MirageGaogamon’s secondary effect makes it unblockable, which could be devastating to an opponent, especially in the latter stages of the game. 

Great legend Super Rares


WarGreymon is no stranger in the Digimon TCG, but the art of the Great Legend Super Rare version brings originality to the old favourite. If you like to play risky, this card allows you to take one of your security cards so that you can unsuspend WarGreymon, which lets it attack again. Also, it will also decrease an enemy Digimon by -6000 DP for the turn, which can help towards chopping down your opponent’s strongest Digimon. 

Great legend Super Rares

Lilamon and Nidhoggmon

Lilamon looks more like a lover than a fighter in this Super Rare, bringing the brand new Digi-Burst effect to Green players. You can use Lilamon as Digivolution material to play Nidhoggmon, however, who is a far more ferocious Digimon. Nidhoggmon has a Digi-Burst 4 ability which will clear the field of all Digimon on your opponent’s side of the field with 5000 DP or less by sending them to the bottom of the deck. 


Gogamon offers Black deck players a modest Digi-Burst 1 effect that gives a +2000 DP boost. Its Inherited effect provides a permanent boost of +1000 DP to the Digimon placed on top of it.


Introducing Blastmon for the time in the Digimon TCG, this ice beast Digimon knows how to make a crashing entrance. What is interesting about this card is that it allows your opponent to effectively turn one of their unsuspended Digimon into a blocker. Of course, this could be used in your favour if there is an unsuspended card you want to coax out of protection. 


Kenji Watanabe is a legend when it comes to Digimon TCG artwork, being the man behind the Omnimon alt art from Special Booster 1.0. The design of his DanDevimon card doesn’t disappoint, which looks even more haunting thanks to the charcoal style colouring. This card is all about the “eye for an eye” mentality, forcing your opponent to lose a card from their Security if they take this card from yours. Also, it trashes two cards from their hand when it is deleted. 

Chaosmon: Valdur Arm

Chaosmon does make another appearance in the Digimon TCG Great Legend booster set in a Rare card, but with this Super Rare version, it takes on a more holy appearance while charging the Aurora Blaster attack. 


Plutomon is one of the few Super Rare cards in the Digimon TCG Great Legend booster who hasn’t got an alternate art version, which is a shame because this Digimon is seriously cool. When this card is Digivolving, you get to draw 2 cards and also play a purple Option card without paying the memory cost. 

Digimon TCG: Great Legend releases on June 11th. To learn more about the incredible Secret Rares coming with the set, head over to our article – Great Legend Secret Rares.

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