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Digimon TCG market – Have prices decreased?

Last week, we explored the current landscape of the Digimon TCG Market to give you a basic price guide of the most valuable cards. Now, we will take a look at any price changes that have occurred in the past seven days to help identify the cards that are rising and falling in value.

Omnimon (Alternate Art & Regular Version)

It’s no surprise that the alternate art Omnimon is still the most expensive card in the game, although there have been slight changes to the current value. TCGPlayer has a market guide price of £196 ($272), which is around the same as last week, only the lowest listings on there are £176 ($245), while last week’s lowest listings were £201 ($280). This drop in the US market is reflected in the sold eBay listings, where they are selling for around £172 ($240) – £180 ($250), which is much lower than the £216 ($300) it was selling for last week. With that being said, this card is selling for £160 ($115) in the UK, which is higher than the previous £150 ($208). It seems that the US market is just naturally balancing out but still holds a higher value than the UK market. 

The UK price of this card has remained around £55 ($76), while in the US, they are regularly selling for around £61 ($85). This shows no real difference in price, although TCGPlayer is showing a $10 decrease in value compared to last week. 

Omnimon Alter- S (Alternate Art & Regular Version)

Omnimon Alter- S is holding its value of £107 ($150) on TCGPlayer, although people have sold them for slightly less on eBay in the last week, especially for those that have sold through auction listings. In the UK, they are selling for around the Market Guide price.

The regular version of Alter-S sold well last week, going for around £64 ($90) in the UK and US. TCGPlayer’s Market Price of £71 ($100) is slightly higher than this but could be met next week.  

Lilithmon Alternate Art (Alternate Art & Regular Version)

Last week, the value of the Lilithmon alt art sat at £72 ($100) on TCGPlayer and has now risen to £86 ($120). We did predict this may happen, as online stores saw a buyout which usually results in the card being resold for a higher price. On the US eBay, there are active listings that range between £72 ($100) and £107 ($150), although the higher-end of that seems a little too expensive at the moment. In the UK, the price remains at £60 ($83). With the limited amount of cards on the UK market, the price will likely rise out of scarcity. 

The regular Lilithmon has actually seen a market price increase, going from $32 to $34 according to TCGPlayer, although it is still selling for around £20 ($28) on the US and UK eBay Digimon TCG listings. These prices are still in line with last weeks guide, which could mean we may see a steady increase throughout the week to match it. 

WarGreymon Alt Art 

At £66 ($93), The WarGreymon alt art has seen a value decrease of around $10 in the US. In the UK, however, it has actually gone from £75 ($104) to £95 ($132). WarGreymon has reached this price before in the UK, which could mean that it’s at its maximum potential. 

Beelzemon Alternate Art

The alt art Beelzemon is still selling for £65 ($90) in the UK, which is in line with the TCGPlayer guide Price, although prices in the US seem to be rising toward the £72 ($100) mark. 

Digimon TCG Market Prices

MetalGarurumon Alternate Art

Although there have been several minor price decreases across the board this week, the MetalGarurumon alt art card seems to have had a significant drop in the last seven days. It has gone from £23 ($32) to £19 ($26) on TCGPlayer, which interestingly makes it around the same price as the regular version. This is in line with the US sales figures for the past few days that range between £14 ($20) – £25 ($35). This card is doing much better in the UK, selling for around £30 ($41), although it could mean a decrease is on the way. 

Digimon TCG Market Prices

Tournament Promos

The Tournament Promos have seen slight Guide Price changes, with the only rise being DemiDevimon, which has gone from £21 ($30) to £23 ($32), while Keramon has dropped from £34 ($47) to £30 ($42). Kurisarimon has also seen a drop from £19 ($27) to £18 ($25). These changes are nothing too crazy and are still selling for the same prices as last week, especially the complete sets.  

Digimon TCG Market Prices

Cards That Are Slightly Rising – 

Although there haven’t been any colossal rises in value, there are several cards that are slowly on the rise. UIforceVeedramon alt art has gone from £19 ($27) to £20 ($28), the MetalGreymon (ST1-09) from the Tamer Battle Pack has risen from £28 ($39) to £29 ($40) and Beelzemon (regular) has gone from £ 31($44) to £32 ($45)

Digimon Market Prices

It seems prices are still fluctuating slightly due to the recent reprints, but are starting to steady out. Although TCGPlayer shows slight price decreases on the majority of the Digimon TCG cards, it doesn’t seem to affect the market prices on eBay and other selling groups, which are slightly higher in comparison. 

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