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Digimon TCG Valuable Cards

The market landscape of the Digimon TCG has been changing a lot recently. We saw a drought in boosters and starter decks during March that created some strange and nonsensical value patterns. Now that reprints have hit stores, with Bandai promising more in the near future, the market seems to have balanced out somewhat, giving us more accurate price guides for competitive singles and rarer cards sought after by collectors. In this article, we are going to take a look at the current Digimon TCG values to give you an idea of what valuable cards to look out for when opening boosters or investing in the secondary market. 

Disclaimer: Price analysis of raw cards using TCGPlayer and eBay sold listings from the last week.

Omnimon -BT1-084 (Regular & Alternate Art)

The alt art Omnimon is without a doubt the most valuable single on the market currently. This is because it caters to both collectors and players alike. For collectors, it is the increased rarity that makes it appealing, as well as its unique art, that is a throwback to the Japanese TCG, Hyper Colosseum. When it comes to its competitive use, Omnimon is making a spot in many top decks in the English game. Players are sourcing the alt art Omnimon to represent their decks because it is arguably the best variation of the card. 

TCGPlayer has seen a slight increase in their suggested pricing recently, now having a £198 ($277) guided price, which is up from last weeks £189 ($265). There are more listings than last week, which indicates that the reprints have refreshed the market without decreasing the value. With that being said, after taking a look at the sold listings on eBay this week, they have been selling for around £214 ($300) in the US and around £150 ($209) in the UK. 

The regular Omnimon hasn’t really seen a change in value, according to TCGPlayer, which still shows a market guide of £71 ($100). After looking at seller groups and eBay sold listings, however, this seems closer to £64 ($90) in the U.S and £55 ($77) in the UK. 

 Valuable Digimon TCG card
 Valuable Digimon TCG card

Omnimon Alter-S – BT3-112

The alt art Omnimon Alter-S is currently the second most valuable card in the Digimon TCG, which arrived with Special Booster ver 1.5 and has since become a popular choice for competitive decks. In the US, this card has a market value of around £108 ($151) on TCGPlayer, which is backed up somewhat by the few listings sold on eBay that range between £90 ($125) and £104 ($145). In the UK, it is currently selling between £110 ($153) and £130 ($180)

The regular Omnimon Alter-S doesn’t have as much of a price gap as the 1.0 Omnimon and its alternate art, holding firm at a value of £65 ($90) in the UK and having a similar value of around £71 ($100) in the US. These prices are slightly less than the £85 ($113) TCGPlayer Market guide. 

 Valuable Digimon TCG card
 Valuable Digimon TCG card

Lilithmon – BT3-091 (Alternate Art)

At this point, It’s probably no surprise that Digimon TCG alternate arts are doing well when it comes to the market. Lilithmon is another alt art that is climbing the ladder, currently sitting at a value of £82 ($115) on TCG Player, although this seems a little high as it has been selling for around £60 ($83) in both the UK and US last week, with online stores reflecting this price. With that being said, Many stores selling it for around £60 ($83) or less have now sold out, with active eBay listings also looking thin. This could mean that the lack of availability may drive the prices a little higher next week. This card may also see more play when the Digimon TCG Great Legend booster is released, which would also drive prices up. If this is the case, then the standard Lilithmon, currently worth £21 ($30), will see a price rise also.

WarGreymon – BT2-065 Alt Art & Beelzemon – BT2-111 Alt Art 

Both the alternate art version of WarGreymon and Beelzemon have a value of around £70 ($100) this week, although some are selling for a little higher than that. As some of the most popular alternate arts of the Special Booster Ver 1.0, especially with Beelzemon being the secret rare, these cards shouldn’t see a price drop any time soon.

Diaboromon – P-016 (Official Tournament Pack Vol.1)

Diaboromon has become popular recently, which will only continue when set 5 eventually hits the English game. Being a promo that can only be obtained through event packs definitely gives it some rarity, especially considering that the pandemic has reduced opportunities for people to get their hands on them. As a result, Diaboromon has been seeing a rise in value, currently selling for around £53 ($75) in the UK and US. As restrictions continue to ease around the world, however, the Vol.1 Tournament Packs will become more available, which may cause the price of Diaboromon to drop. With that being said, Tournament Pack Vol.1 is now out of print with vol.2 coming soon, which could affect prices.

Gaia Force (ST1-16), Hammer Spark (ST2-13) & Flower Cannon (BT1-110)

Those who didn’t have the foresight to pre-purchase the Digimon Tamer’s box when it first came out are now kicking themselves, as the value of its contents rose after stock ran out. This has meant that the Gaia Force alternate art is now worth £78 ($109) in both the UK and US, with the alternate art Hammer Spark having a market guide price of £58 ($81) and the alt art Flower Cannon having a guide price of £49 ($68).

Angewomon (ST3-09) & MetalGreymon (ST1-09)

Promos coming from the Digimon TCG Tamer Battle Packs are valuable cards at the moment, with the sealed packs alone selling for around $55 (£39). This is because there have been limited Digimon TCG events due to the pandemic, which has prevented new packs and their promos from flooding the market. MetalGreymon is worth around £43 ($60), while the most expensive, Angewoman, is worth around £52 ($73). This price has been undoubtedly raised by its playability in yellow decks and the difficulty to source it.

Although these values are accurate at the time of writing this article, some people will bag themselves bargains or pay a little extra to ensure they get the cards they want for their collections. If you are interested in keeping up to date with the most valuable Digimon TCG cards or would like to find out which cheaper cards are beginning to spike in value, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram and Facebook

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