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Digimon TCG Market Watch – The most valuable cards of the Classic Collection

Depending on where you are in the world, it’shas been a couple of months since the release of the Classic Collection, with the first English cards coming onto the market during December. Now, with the next main Digimon Card Game set, Next Adventure, coming out on March 4th, we take a look at how the first EX set has performed since its release and the top value cards of the set. 

Analog Youth (Alternate Art)

The most valuable card in the Classic Collection is the alternate art Analog Youth card. What’s really nice about this artwork is that it references the Digimon World game that was released back in 1999.The last copies of Analog Youth to sell on eBay went for $55 and $60, while TCG Player has seen similar sale prices. 

Digimon Classic Collection Market
Digimon Classic Collection Market

Machinedramon (Alternate Art)

The alt art Machinedramon was the most valuable card in the Classic Collection in December but has slowly slipped into second place. This SEC alternate art stands out among the other classic looking cards, with an illustration completed by Sasasi, who always does an incredible job of capturing action scenes.The last copy of Machinedramon to sell went for $40 on eBay on February 7th, although the copy that sold before that achieved a $60 price tag on January 26th. Last month, this card was selling for between $50 and $60 on TCG Player, although that value did drop to an average of $45 in February. With that being said, the last copy to sell went for $50 on February 9th. 

Diaboromon (Alternate Art)

All of the alternate arts of the Classic Collection pay homage to the iconic Japanese exclusive Hyper Colosseum card game from the late 90s. In fact, they almost look identical to the original cards, right down to the artwork and card borders. The most valuable of these kinds of cards is Diaboromon, mainly because of its token creating ability in play. The last Diaboromon alt arts to sell on eBay have gone for between $22 and $25 throughout January and February. Sales on TCG Player reflect the higher end of that scale, although the last copy did sell for $30, which is the highest value it’s seen since last month. 

Digimon Classic Collection Market
Digimon Classic Collection Market

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode (Alternate Art)

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode is another alternate art card that is useful, which has helped its value grow. The last copy of the alt art Imperialdramon Dragon Mode to sell went for $18 on eBay, although copies on TCG Player have been selling for between $23 and $25.

Gabumon (Alternate Art)

Although the standard Machinedramon, WarGreymon alt art, Agumon alt art and MetalGreymon alt art all come in with values between $15 and $17, Gabumon does take a slight lead with a value of around $20 on TCG Player, with copies selling for between $20 and $30 on eBay. 

Although the Classic Collection is the last set to be released into the Digimon Card Game, Double Diamond is still the most current main booster, with several cards achieving some impressive values such as the Ghost Omnimon card. To learn more about how the Double Diamond set is performing within the Digimon TCG market, check out our article here.

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