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Digimon TCG Market Watch – Tournament Cards

Despite only being just over a year old, the competitive scene of the Digimon Card Game is now fully established, with Bandai holding several tournaments throughout 2021. These events have offered up some incredible prize cards which have now become some of the most valuable cards in the entire TCG. 

The Premier TO Greymon – 

This Greymon alt art was awarded to the top 32 players of the online Premier TO Events that took place in June. One of the last raw copies of this card to sell went for $290 on eBay on November 15th, while the last two to sell in January went for $300 over on TCG Player.

Last week, a record graded sale for this card was achieved, when a SGC 10 copy sold for $4000 after one collector offered the owner a price he couldn’t refuse on a FaceBook post. To learn more about this eyewatering sale, check out our article here

Digimon TCG Tournament Cards

WarGreymon (ST1-11) Alternate Art

The WarGreymon alternate art was the top prize card for the Premier TO event, awarded to those who placed in the top 8. Up until the Evolution Cup and the release of the Double Diamond booster, this WarGreymon was the most valuable card in the entire Digimon TCG. 

On December 29th, a best offer of this card was accepted for $1075. Before that, in November, two copies sold for between $800 and $960. Over on TCG Player, the last two copies sold for $900 during November and December. There have been next to no public sales of this graded card, although there is a PSA 9 copy that is yet to sell for its $4511 asking price.  

Digimon TCG Tournament Cards

UlforceVeedramon (BT2-032) Alternate Art

The top player of the DC-1 Grand Prix event was awarded a UlforceVeedramon. Because this card was only given to one winner per event, this card is incredibly rare, with a value that reflects this. 

The two near mint copies that sold on TCG Player on November 30th and December 11th both went for $1025. Over on eBay, however, there were sales of $1100 and $1200 in November, while a seller accepted a best off of $1066 in December. The latest copy to sell on eBay went for $1450 on January 6th. Although there haven’t been many graded copies of this card selling lately, a BGS 9 did go for $1800 in November.  

Digimon TCG Tournament Cards

Omnimon (BT1-084) Alternate Art

This full art Omnimon is the most unique version in the TCG, exclusive only to the English version of the game currently. It shows the full body of a battle-focused Omnimon, with an event stamp on the corner of the artwork. This Omnimon was given to the top two players of the Evolution Cup tournament that started back in July, which has been running bi-monthly ever since.

As the distribution for this prize card has been limited, there haven’t been many sales. There is a PSA 10 copy of this card up for sale on eBay but it will be interesting to see if it achieves its $18000 asking price. 

The upcoming Championship cards – 

The Championship Finals kicks off this weekend, offering up four framed cards that will have a metallic appearance. These cards will no doubt become incredibly sought after by collectors and due to the stature of the tournament, are likely to become some of the most valuable are rarest cards in the entire Digimon Card Game. To learn more about these cards, as well as the other prizes up for grabs at the Championship Finals, check out our article here

The reason why tournament cards are worth so much is down to their exclusivity. The only people who can obtain these cards brand new must earn them through ranking highly in play. This means far less are printed, compared to booster set cards. Once the prizes for the Evolution Cup, Premier TO and Grand Prix are swapped out for others, the previous ones will only increase in value as they become even harder to source. 

If you would like to keep up to date with the Digimon Card Game market, you can check out our article here. To keep up to date with all of our market analysis articles, as well as other Digimon TCG related news, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram or Facebook

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