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Digimon TCG – Market Watch Update

Last week, we saw a number of price drops. Now, it seems that the Digimon TCG market has balanced out somewhat, with more cards holding their value or increasing slightly. 

Omnimon Alt Art 

The alternate art Omnimon is still the most valuable card on the Digimon TCG market, although according to TCGPlayer, it has slightly dropped in value again. In fact, it has fallen to a market guide price of £185 ($258), down from £195 ($272). With that being said, there were barely any sales on both the UK and US eBay websites last week because of lack of listings, with the only sales made on the UK site being around £170 ($236), which is actually a price rise of £10 ($14).

Omnimon Alter-S Alt Art

Omnimon Alter-S sells for around £80 ($110) in the US and £106 ($147) in the UK. Last week, the US and UK value was marked at £107 ($150), which indicates it’s just the US market seeing a dip this week. 

Omnimon Alter-S Standard 

Last week, the market guide for the regular version of Omnimon Alter-S was £71 ($100), which was pretty spot on. This week, it has seen a slight rise to £75 ($104), which is incredibly accurate for the UK market but seems a little too high for the US, as they have average sales of around £61 ($85) currently.    

Omnimon Standard

The standard Omnimon seems to continue to drop in value in the UK, from £55 ($76) to £50 ($69). The price remains around the £61 ($85) mark in the US, although they have gone for as low as £54 ($75). This is in line with this week’s TCGPlayer market guide of £58 ($81). 

Digimon TCG Card Value

Lilithmon (Alternate Art)

It seems that last week saw the alt art Lilithmon hit a peak that has come back down this week. In the UK, it has dropped from £60 ($83) to £45 ($62) average sales, with them still selling for around £43 ($60) in the US. This contradicts the market guide of $90 ($64), although it does show a £14 ($10) drop from last week. There still seems to be minimal copies of this card on the market, which does mean it could sell for a little more if players and collectors are desperate to acquire it. 

Digimon TCG Card Value

ShineGreymon Alt Art

ShineGreymon has seen an increase in value this week in the US, with a TCGPlayer market guide of £40 ($56), which is almost in line with the sales seen on eBay this week of around £43 ($60). However, in the UK, the price has dropped from £45 ($62) to £38 ($52).

Hold Their Value

This week, we have seen several cards holding their TCGPlayer market value without any massive fluctuation. This shows that the market is definitely steadying out and provides the most accurate values for the time being. These cards include the Beelzemon alt art at £63 ($88), the Tamer Battle Pack Angewomon at £57 ($80) and the Diaboromon tournament promo at £57 ($79). The Gallantmon alt art is valued at £27 ($38), although this is actually selling for around £35 ($48). The WarGreymon alt art is marked at £36 ($51), however, some have sold for around £60 ($83) in the UK. 

Price Increases

According to the TCGPlayer market guides, backed up by sales on eBay and other seller groups, several cards have seen increases this week. The Battle Pack MetalGreymon has gone from £29 ($40) to £30 ($42), while the regular Lilithmon and the alt art Mastemon have both gone from £24 ($34) to £26 ($37). The TK Takaishi box topper promo has increased from £23 ($33) to £25 ($36), and the MagnaAngemon alt art has risen from £21 ($29) to £24 ($34). The MetalGarurumon alt art that got a price drop last week has had a modest rise of £1 ($2), which means it now sits at £19 ($27). 

Notable Sales In The Community 

This week, a complete set of Special Booster 1.0 and 1.5 (BT-1 to BT-3) sold on eBay. The initial asking price was $3,250, but an offer of $2,425 was accepted. Although it is technically a full set, it doesn’t come with all of the alt art cards or the promos, making this sale quite incredible. It would be interesting to see the worth of an entire master set, including every promo and alt art card. 

The Great Legend booster set, which is scheduled for a June 11th release, will undoubtedly change the landscape of the Digimon TCG market. To find out which cards you should look out for, check out our article – Great Legend Secret Rares.

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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