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Digimon TCG Market – What is the most valuable booster card?

We have had a slow start to the Digimon TCG in 2022, with fans having to wait until March 4th until the Next Adventure booster set releases in the English version of the game. Before this set comes along and changes the market landscape of the TCG, we take a look at the most valuable cards that can be pulled from booster packs and the latest prices they have achieved. 

Ghost Omnimon

Ghost Omnimon has been a celebrity within the Digimon TCG since it was first released in Japan. This card is the rarest booster card in the entire game, with the pull rate being extremely low. During the early weeks of the Double Diamond set, this card was achieving prices of $1925, $1399 and $1172 but has since dropped, with the latest sales going for between $600 and $650 on eBay. On January 1st, a PSA 10 copy of Ghost Omnimon sold for $3850 after 71 bids. This copy was one of the six PSA 10s in the population, with 18 being 9s and three achieving PSA 8s. 

Digimon TCG most valuable card
Digimon TCG most valuable card

Machinedramon Classic Collection

The Alt Art Machinedramon SEC is the most valuable card that can be pulled from the classic collection. This card is currently selling for between $75 and $80 on TCG Player, although copies on eBay have been far more varied, selling for $50$57, $102 and $109 between December and January.

BeelStarmon (Alternate Art)

Another Double Diamond card that is doing well in the Digimon TCG market is BeelStarmon, which has been selling for between $60 and $75 on eBay, while TCG Player has seen copies selling for between $75 and $90 this week. On January 16th, a PSA 10 BeelStarmon sold for $365 after a 77 bid auction, giving a good insight into the current market value of this graded card.  Before that, On December 30th and January 1st, two PSA 10 copies sold for $190 and $285.

Digimon TCG most valuable card

Analog Youth (Alternate Art)

Analog Youth (Alternate Art) is an option card that came with the Classic Collection and references the Digimon World games. The sold prices for this card have been all over the place lately, with copies going for between $70 and $80 on TCG Player, while copies on eBay have gone for between $58 and $85

Omnimon Zwart Defeat (Alternate Art)

A copy of Omnimon Zwart Defeat, which came with the Battle of Omni set, sold for an impressive $150 on December 29th, although this one sale is quite a leap from what we have been seeing since. On January 9th, two copies sold for $49, while those sold on TCG Player have been averaging around $70 this month.  

Omnimon (Alternate Art)

The first big chase card of the Digimon TCG, the SEC Omnimon alternate art that came with Special Booster 1.0 is currently selling for around $60 on TCG Player, with the latest eBay sale going for $70 on January 1st after a best offer was accepted by the seller. A SGC 9.5 copy of the original Omnimon alternate art went for $151 on December 2nd, while a BGS 9 sold for $137 after 39 bids. We haven’t seen many PSA sales of this card, so the value of a PSA 10 is yet to be determined. 

Lilithmon (Alternate Art)

Another alt art that is still doing well within the Digimon TCG market is the Lilithmon from the Special Release 1.0 booster, which is still selling for between $50 and $60 on TCG Player.  Over on eBay, prices also range between $50 and $60 throughout January, although there was a sale of $80 made on January 16th. 

Double Diamond is still the main booster set of the Digmon TCG, with several cards achieving some impressive values such as the Ghost Omnimon card. To learn more about how the Double Diamond set is performing within the Digimon TCG market, check out our article here. If you would like to learn more about the big chase card of this set, head over to our article here

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