Digimon TCG Memory Boost Cards

Up until now, those who have bought Digimon TCG starter decks have been given a booster pack of the most current set, as well as the sealed starter deck. Well, it seems that Bandai is looking to change things up somewhat with ST7 & ST8, by swapping the booster out for an arguably better set of bonus cards. 

The new two stater decks will release on October 8th and will focus on Gallantmon and UlforceVeedramon. Each pack will come with six bonus cards, one for each colour, but all having the exact same effect. These cards will be released as part of the 1st Anniversary of the Digimon TCG and will no doubt see a lot of play in the future meta. 

The Memory Boost Cards –

The new Memory Boost cards bring a brand new mechanic to the game, ‘Delay’. This ability allows the player to play the card but choose when the secondary effect is activated. This will allow you to use it at the perfect moment, without paying any cost. Having the Memory Boost card sitting in wait could also make your opponent more hesitant when making plays, knowing you could pop the card’s effect at any time. 

Digimon TCG Memory Boost

The effects of all six cards are exactly the same, only with the designated colour changed. It allows you to reveal four cards from the top of your deck and add one of the cards to your hand. The ‘Delay’ effect allows you to gain 2 memory when you are ready, which could be a game-changer if you need the extra memory to make a big play. 

Each of the cards have a uniformed comic book style illustration, with action text incorporated into them. Fans of the Digimon video games may find some of the scenes in the cards familiar, such Agumon pushing the rock as he trains up his stats and DemiDevimon standing beneath the waterfall. If you would like to see more video game references in the Digimon TCG, head over to our article – Digimon World references in Battle of Omni.

To learn more about the English decks that are currently available, click on the links below. 

ST-1Gaia Red, ST-2 Cocytus Blue and ST-3 Heaven’s Yellow

ST-4 Giga Green

ST5 Machine Black

ST-6 Venomous Violet

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