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Digimon TCG: ‘New Adventure’ booster set leaked

Although the Double Diamond booster set was only released today in Japan, leaks for the next Digimon TCG set, BT-7 New Adventure, have been revealed! 

The next Japanese set, which will eventually come to the English version of the Digimon TCG, will be called ‘Next Adventure’ and will release on August 27th, 2021. This set will be themed around the Digimon Frontier series, which will include more Hybrid type Digimon and Tamers such as Koji Minamoto, Zoe Orimoto, Koichi Kimura and others. 

Interestingly, this set is believed to contain characters from a new Digimon animation based on the Digimon Frontier series, bringing new exciting Digimon into the TCG. The Digimon: Adventure reboot began airing in April 2020, modernising outdated plot elements and tweaking the story to help the flow of the narrative.

The booster set name, Next Adventure, insinuates that the focus on the original Digimon: Adventure series, including Omnimon, is now coming to a close. This could mean that the Digimon TCG will now be taken in another direction, themed on the Frontier era of the anime.  

Digimon TCG New Booster

While the cards and the Digimon coming with the ‘Next Adventure’ booster set are still a mystery, we do know that EmperorGreymon (KaiserGreymon) and Susanoomon could be playing an important role. 

Other Digimon from this era of the anime are likely to appear. These could include Fairimon, Shoutmon, Kumamon, KaiserLeomon, Duskmon and Mercurymon.

Digimon TCG New Booster

To learn more about the Double Diamond booster that was released today in Japan, you can check out our article here. If you would like to take a look at the upcoming Digimon TCG English set, the Great Legend booster, head over to our article – Great Legend Secret Rares.

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