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Digimon TCG – New ‘Block Icon’ Explained

Digimon TCG block icon

Japanese Digimon TCG cards that have been recently shared on social media have confused many fans by the inclusion of a block icon with a number ‘1’ inside of it, found just below the Card ID code. Many have speculated on the purpose of this new numbering system, but it seems an answer has finally been given by Bandai. 

Digimon block icon

The Digimon cards currently displaying these new ‘Block Icons’ include the Parallel Rare ‘Guardromon’ (Booster 2), ‘Stingmon’ (booster 3), ‘ExVeemon’ (booster 3) and LadyDevimon (Booster 3) – all cards included in the fifth ‘Tamer Battle Pack’ for those participating in the April Tamer Battle events in Japan. The winner card at these events will be an alternate art version of ‘Stingmon’, which will also be obtainable through a raffle. The second ‘Pulsemon’ promo card also has the new ‘Block Icon’, which will be given out at Tamer Meeting events also happening in April. 

Digimon block icon

A Twitter post shared on the official Japanese account has cleared up the mystery by stating that the new ‘Block Icon’ will be added to cards that are released or distributed at events after April 1st, 2021. Although there are no immediate plans to utilise the added numbers, they have been implemented so that they can be used to regulate rules in various types of events and tournaments, which will make control and communication far easier down the line. For example, if cards need to be removed or limited from deck construction in future tournaments. It is believed that the numbers in the block will go up every year to help categorise them as time goes on. 

Although the English version of the Digimon TCG is behind the Japanese, the new ‘Block Icons’ will eventually arrive on the English prize and promo cards also. Will this system spread to booster cards in the future? Maybe reprints will get this treatment, providing a way to identify early prints of certain cards and sets.  If future sets all adopt the ‘Block Icon’, then it could bring up the controversial issue of set rotation being implemented in the future. 

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