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Digimon TCG New Digi-Egg Box Toppers

The Digitama/Digi-Egg Box Topper cards for BT-6 have been revealed, showing an alternate art style that hasn’t been seen in the Digimon TCG yet. 

The Double Diamond booster set may seem far away for the English version of the Digimon TCG, but going off the pace of recent releases, it appears that Bandai is looking to catch up with the Japanese version as soon as possible. 

The Digitama/Digi-Egg Box Toppers

Each Double Diamond booster box will contain 2 Box Toppers, one of which being a Digitama/Digi-Egg card, while the other will be one of ten parallel art cards. 

The specific colour of the Digitama/Digi-Egg cards are harder to identify with these alt arts, as they have lots of dark elements to them. The colour of the Inherited Effect icon, as well as the background, gives a subtle indication of which colour group they belong to. The 6 Digitama Box Toppers are:


Inherited Effect: 

[At the time of attack] When attacking a player, increase the DP of this Digimon by +1000 during this turn.

Digi-Egg Box Toppers
Digi-Egg Box Toppers


Inherited Effect: 

[Own Turn] [Once per Turn] When the evolution source of the opponent’s Digimon is destroyed, << 1 Draw >> (draw a card from your deck).


Inherited Effect:

[At the time of attack] [Once per turn] When your security is 3, increase the memory by +1.


Inherited Effect:

[At the time of attack] [Once per turn] When attacking an opponent’s Digimon, << 1 draw >> (draw a card from your deck).


Inherited Effect:

[At the time of disappearance] Open one from the top of your deck. If the card is a Black Digimon Card, add it to your hand. Return the remaining cards to the bottom of the deck.


Inherited Effect:

[My turn] [Once per turn] When you discard your hand with your own effect, “1 draw” (draw a card from your deck).

BT6 Double Diamond booster is expected to release around October 10th in the English version of the Digimon TCG. If you can’t wait that long, you can check out the cards arriving in the upcoming Great Legend booster below:

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Digimon TCG: Great Legend Super Rares

Digimon TCG – Great Legend Secret Rares

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