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Digimon TCG – Next Adventure card reveals

While collectors and players of the English Digimon TCG have only recently got their hands on the Battle of Omni set, In the Japanese version, fans eagerly await the ‘Next Adventure’ booster arriving on August 27th. 

Although the full cardlist hasn’t been revealed yet, despite having less than a month before it’s released, more cards have been trickling through this past week, giving an exciting insight into what we can expect from the 7th instalment of the Digimon TCG. 

Digimon TCG Next Adventure


You may Digivolve this card from your hand onto one of your green Tamers as if the Tamer is a level 3 Digimon.

[When Digivolving] Reveal 5 cards from the top of your deck. Add 1 Digimon card with [Hybrid] in its form and 1 [J.P. Shibayama] among them to your hand. Place the remaining cards at the bottom of your deck in any order.


You may digivolve this card from your hand onto one of your Purple Tamers for a memory cost of 2.

[When Digivolving] If this Digimon has a Digimon card with [Hybrid] in its form or [Koichi Kimura] in its digivolution cards, this Digimon gains <Retaliation> until the end of your opponents next turn.

Digimon TCG Next Adventure


[When Digivolving] <Blitz>

[Your Turn](once per turn) When this Digimon is blocked, unsuspend this Digimon and gain 1 memory for each Digimon card with [Hybrid] in its form in this Digimon’s digivolution cards.


When your Digimon that has Tamer cards in its digivolution cards would digivolve into this card in your hand, reduce the digivolution cost by 2.

[When Digivolving] If this Digimon has a Digimon card with [Hybrid] in its form in its digivolution cards, this Digimon gets +4000DP for the turn.

Inherited: [Your Turn] While this Digimon is [Hybrid] form or [10 Warriors] Type, Option cards checked by this Digimon do not activate their [Security] effects.

Several other cards have been revealed by an early leak of the Lucky Magazine in Hong Kong, as well as the entire Herissmon Digivolution chain (Herissmon, Filmon, Stefilmon, and Rasenmon). Herissmon was the main Digimon of ReArise, a video game released in 2018 for Smartphones.

Digimon TCG Next Adventure


Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] When this card is trashed due to activating this Digimon’s <Digi-Burst>, return this card to its owner’s hand.


[Digiburst 2] Choose 1 of your opponents Digimon <Secuirty Attack -2> till the end of their turn.


[When Evolve] If this Digimon only has 1 Digivolution source, you may attach up to 2 Yellow Digimon from your hand which is Lv.4 or Lower into this Digimon’s Digivolution Source to the bottom of this Digimon’s Digivolution Source. <Draw 1> for each card attached.

Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] When this card is trashed to activate this Digimon’s <Digi Burst>, Choose 1 of your Digimon gains <Security Attack +1> for the turn.


Digivolution cost to Digivolve into this Digimon equals the amount of Security you have (Min. 1 cost to Digivolve)

[Your Turn] <1 PerTurn> <DigiBurst up to 4> -3000DP to 1 Digimon for each card that you use for Digi Burst.

Pride Memory Boost

Draw 3 cards, Choose 1 Digimon with 4 cost or lower and play it without paying it’s cost, and discard the rest to the trash. Put this card in the battle area.

Delay- Memory +2


[When Played]  If you control a Tamer, gain 2 memory if you don’t have a Tamers in play. You can then play a Red Tamer without paying its cost from your hand.

Inherited Effect:

[Your Turn] [Once Per Turn] When your opponent’s Digimon is trashed, gain  +1 Memory.

The MetalGreymon card appears to be the alternate art version of the one previously leaked. Interestingly, this alternate art has been illustrated by Kenji Watanabe, the same artist behind the Greymon that was used in the English version of the game as a Premier TO tournament prize card. 

The Digimon TCG Next Adventure set includes 112 cards –

44 Commons

30 Uncommons

26 Rares

10 Super Rares

2 Secret Rares

This set also includes 8 Campaign Cards, with each booster box containing an alternate art Tamer Box Topper, as seen in previous sets. English booster boxes will also contain 1 exclusive alternate art Super Rare Option Box Topper. 

If you would like to take a look at the previously leaked Digimon TCG Next Adventure cards, head over to our article here

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