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Digimon TCG: Our Next Adventure Top Picks!

The next set in the English version of the Digimon TCG will be Next Adventure, which will include several cards based on the Digimon Frontier series. This will be the first time that the TCG has branched away from its Digimon Adventure roots and the focus on Omnimon, introducing new mechanics, archetypes and debuting Digimon. In this article, we share our top picks for the Next Adventure booster set.

Disclaimer: Many of the cards featured are translated by Digimon.Dev, which may vary from the official release. 

Lucemon : Chaos Mode (BT7-11)

Lucemon looks very different in his Chaos Mode form, appearing more like Lucifer than the cherub of the original version. In Play, Lucemon (BT4-115) can Digivolve into Lucemon: Chaos Mode for 7 memory, ignoring any requirements and supporting the lore continuity. Another way to get this card into play is to have plenty of cards in your trash, as its memory cost is reduced by 3, for every 10 in there. Being able to delete a level 6 or lower Digimon or Tamer cards is a nice additional effect for this card.

Digimon TCG: Next Adventure

MetalGreymon Alternate Art (BT7-013)

The artwork of the alternate art MetalGreymon is on the box of the Next Adventure set and for good reason too. This card was illustrated by Tonamikanji, who always does a phenomenal job of capturing depth in his work, like the sword stabbing forward on the Omnimon Zwart Defeat (BT5-112) card or the whip on the Rosemon (ST4-12) card. The work of Tonamikanji has already appeared in our top picks list with the alternate art Kazuchimon and the standard version of Lucemon: Chaos Mode.

Digimon TCG: Next Adventure

Pulsemon Chain 

Pulsemon may be one of the newest Digimon on the block, created to help promote the release of the Vital Bracelet. Following the initial promo cards and the Pulsemon Digivolution chain that came with the Double Diamond booster, we are getting more variations of these workout obsessed Digimon. The efficiency of these cards depends on the player having three or more Security cards left. Pulsemon lets you gain 2 memory for attacking, Bulkmon gives it Blocker, Boutmon lets it unsuspend, and Kazuchimon lets you gain 2 memory, recovery +1 and security attack +1. If you manage to get all of these cards stacked together, then your opponent is in for a world of pain, as long as your security doesn’t fall below three.  

Digimon TCG: Next Adventure

Sistermon Blanc (Awakened) (BT7-082)

When a Sistermon pulls down her hood, you know she means business! These Digimon have become extremely popular since they were first introduced with the Double Diamond booster set. Sistermon Blanc (Awakened) allows you to gain recovery +1 if you have another Sistermon Blanc to place under it, and also lets you recycle a Jesmon, Huckmon or Sistermon Blanc IAwakened) from your trash. 

It is unlikely that fans will get the Sistermon Noir (Awakened) that came with the Japanese version of Next Adventure, as the character was censored from the English game for her gun-wielding nun appearance.  

Our favourite artwork – 

AvengeKidmon (BT7-015) & Nidhoggmon (BT7-077)

Although there are several cards in the Next Adventure set with some fantastic artwork, our favourite ones have to be AvengeKidmon (BT7-015), which shows the cowboy-themed Digimon stepping out of the card to reach his prey, and Nidhoggmon, who has a fairytale style artwork, only with a nightmarish twist. 

Although many fans eagerly await the release of the Next Adventure booster set on January 22nd, in some parts of the world, they are still waiting for the Double Diamond booster. The Digimon TCG has been plagued with distribution problems throughout 2021 due to the pandemic, with Double Diamond being pushed back to November 26th for North America, despite Europe and other regions receiving the set on October 22nd. 

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