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Digimon TCG: Double Diamond releases in Japan

The Digimon TCG: Double Diamond booster released on Friday (May 28th) in Japan, bringing with it some incredible art, new Digimon and some brand new deck archetypes like the Three Musketeers. In this article, we share just a small portion of the fantastic cards coming with this set.



[When digivolve] reveal 5 cards from top of your deck, play an Option Card with 7 cost amongst them without paying its cost and trash the remaining cards, if you can’t play the Option Card with this effect, destroy opponent 1 Digimon with 4 cost or below

The bullet hole shooting through this card is a really nice touch and proves that Gundramon is certainly a Digimon packing some serious firepower. Its search ability, which can play a 7-cost Option Card, is incredibly helpful if not risky, as you lose the other 4 cards from the top of your deck. 

Digimon TCG BT-6
Digimon TCG BT-6



You may Digivolve this card from your hand onto one of your Green Tamers as if the Tamer is a level 3 Digimon.


This Hybrid card, coming with BT-6, allows you to use a Green Tamer card as a level 3 Digimon to Digivolve. In fact, a player will want to use this way of Digivolving as it’s too expensive to raw play a 7000 DP, 6-cost Digimon. We will see this skill appear in the game very soon in the form of BurningGreymon and Agunimon, who will be included in the Great Legend booster. 



[Both Player Turn] Your opponent can’t gain Memory except with Tamer effects.

Introducing ModokiBetamon for the first time in the Digimon TCG, this card can create some serious frustration to your opponent, as they won’t be able to gain memory, except for Tamer Card effects. We have already seen this skill in green, black and purple, in the form of Terriermon, Chuumon and Gazimon, with red and yellow undoubtedly getting their own similar cards in the future. 

Digimon TCG BT-6



[When Attacking] <Once Per Turn> When your security is 3, gain Memory +1

Bibimon is one of the newest and most adorable Digi-Eggs to enter the game with BT-6. Its Inherited Effect is a great way for players to gain extra Memory when they already have 3. 



[Your Turn] When your security 3 or more, this Digimon gain <Security Attack +1>

We have seen plenty of Pulsemon over the last couple of months, but now it’s time for its next sport themed Digivolution to enter the game. Like its Digi-Egg form Bibimon, Bulkmon works with the strategy of keeping your Memory at 3 to gain its effects. 

Digimon TCG BT-6

Takenouchi Sora and Tachikawa Mimi


[During the Start of Your Turn] When your opponent does not have a Digimon with Lv.4 or lower, gain Memory +2.

[Your Turn] When your Purple Digimon attacks, you can rest this tamer to <Draw 1>. Then Discard 1 card from your hand.

Security Effect:

Play this card to the battle area without paying its cost.

This card not only looks emotional and cleanly illustrated, but with dual effects, it will be a great addition in many Purple Decks. The first allows you to gain 2 Memory if your opponent has a level 4 or lower in play, and the second offers a nice draw mechanic. 


Inherited Effect:

[When Attacking] [Once Per Turn] If this Digimon has [Hybrid] form or [Ten Warriors] in its type, gain memory + 1.

Strabimon is a fine example of how beautiful Digimon TCG Illustrations can be. It is another Digimon coming with BT-6 that uses the Hybrid type to its advantage, giving its Digivolutions the ability to gain an extra memory when attacking. 


Inherited Effect:

<Retaliation>(When this Digimon is deleted after losing a battle, delete the Digimon it was battling.)


When this card is trashed from your hand by your own effects, you may place this card under 1 of your purple Digimon as its bottom digivolution card.

[When Attacking] You may trash 1 card from your hand to give this Digimon +3000 DP for the turn.

The Purple SkullGreymon in the BT-6 Digimon TCG set looks intimidating, ferocious and extremely cool. This card lets you give the SkullGreymon inherited Effect to one of your Digimon by discarding it with one of your card effects. If you have another SkullGreymon in your hand, you could use the Attacking Effect to discard it, which would let you gain the Inherited Effect as well as an extra +3000 DP. 



When you search for this card, its play cost is reduced by -1 for each “Three Musketeers” Digimon card in your trash and option cards with a play cost of 7. [On Deletion] Return 1 option card with a play cost of 7 from your trash to your hand. After that, play one option card with a cost of 7 from your hand without paying the cost.

Bellestarmon is known as the female version of Beelzemon, which makes this card fitting as a Secret Rare, as Beelzemon from Special booster 1.0 also shared this rarity. This is just one of the new ‘Three Musketeers’ cards in the Double Diamond booster and is definitely one of the best. With enough ‘Three Musketeers’ in play and in your trash, this card’s play cost can be significantly reduced. 



When your other black Digimon would be destroyed by your opponent’s effect, you may destroy this Digimon to stop 1 of those Digimon from being destroyed. [On Deletion] Delete one of your opponent’s level 7 Digimon. 

This alt art version of Mamemon brings another fun piece of art to the Digimon TCG, as well as the brand ‘Decoy’ keyword. This effect will definitely change up the game and will provide new ways to protect your Digimon from your opponent’s effects. If you would like to learn more about Decoy, check out our article here

Digimon TCG BT-6 will arrive in the English version of the game sometime in October, after the release of the Great Legend booster set and the Battle of Omega booster. To learn more about the Secret Rares coming with BT-4, head over to our article here. If you would like a sneak peek of the next Starter Decks entering the Digimon TCG after ST4, ST5 and ST6, check out our article here

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