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Digimon TCG – Pre-Release promos revealed

Great Legend Pre-Release Event

Digimon TCG players can rejoice, as the first official pre-release events are on the way. These tournaments will be held in local stores in June, although COVID-19 may still force certain restrictions, depending on the area.  Those attending will get Digimon Great Legend promo card packs, although there will be other ways to obtain them.

On the Official Digimon TCG website, Bandai advises stores in areas that are not closed due to the pandemic to provide a clean environment to players and to submit the tournament reports to TCG Meister, so that Bandai can keep up to date with all store activity. Stores can also host online tournaments via webcam matches. Quite vaguely, Bandai has also said that if a store cannot run an event because of the pandemic, they can provide players with the promotional materials as an incentive when a player purchases a product that equals the typical tournament entry fee price. 

The Great Legend pre-release tournaments will be held between June 4th and June 10th, just before the release of the Digimon Great Legend booster set on June 11th. 

The Pre-Release Cards

Those entering a Digimon pre-release event will get a Pulsemon promo, available for the first time in the English version of the game. Until now, this variation of the Pulsemon promo was only available in Japan to those who had pre-ordered the Vital Bracelet device. The release of this card may be in response to countries outside of Japan not getting the Vital Bracelet promotion. Participants of the events will also get some Digimon Great Legend Pre-Release Packs, which will include 56 cards in the set. The winners of these events will get their hands on a Silver Foil Parallel rare Pre-Release promo version of MagnaAngemon. 

Digimon Pre-Release promos

If you are interested in competing and adding the Digimon Great Legend promo cards to your collection, contact your local store to see if they are participating in the Great Legend pre-release event. To keep up to date with all future Digimon TCG news, make sure you follow us on  Instagram and Facebook.

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