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Digimon TCG Rarity

Determining the rarity of Digimon cards can sometimes be confusing, especially if you have come from collecting/playing other TCGs like Pokemon, Final Fantasy or Yu-Gi-Oh, where the way to identify different rarities are completely different. 

Below, we have compiled a simple explanation of each Digimon TCG rarity which will help you identify them when getting stuck into your booster packs!

Common (C)

Every TCG has a Common rarity, which is the easiest to pull from a pack. If we use Special Booster 1.0 as our example set,  there are 69 types of common. When compared to the 45 types of Rares and 20 Super Rares, it’s clear that commons make up the majority of the set.  A Common can be identified by its completely non-holo elements and the small circled ‘C’ next to the card’s ID number. 

Digimon TCG Rarity

Uncommon (U)

Uncommons are very similar to Commons, only there are slightly fewer in a Set, with 50 in Ver. 1.0. These are slightly easier to pull than normal Commons but still show up in high numbers when opening boosters. 

Just like how a Common is marked by a ‘C’, Uncommon is marked by a ‘U’ in the bottom right corner. There is no foiling on these cards either, which means that the circled letter is the only way to differentiate them from a Common. 

Digimon TCG Rarity

Rare (R)

There are fewer Rare cards in any set, although you are guaranteed at least one foil card in any given pack, with Rare being the most common foil. It is a circled ‘R’ that states it is a rare, although it is the gold foiling running around the inner border and filling the Digimon’s Level/ Security Effect Icon that also gives it away. The foiling is very subtle and could even be missed if you were to flick through your cards quickly. Tamer Card Rares are slightly different, as the thin gold foiling also goes around the profile of the character. In Special Booster Ver 1.0, there are 45 types of Rares that make up the set, while Special Booster Ver 1.5 has even less at 35 types.

Digimon TCG Rarity

Parallel Rares

Digimon TCG booster boxes come with a ‘Box Topper’, which is often an alternate art Parallel Rare that has a shimmering foil covering the entire card. These Rares have the letter ‘R’ in the corner and are mainly identified by their unique holographic style.

Digimon Parallel Rare Card

Super Rare (SR)

Super Rares are far harder to pull because there are fewer of them in circulation when compared to Rares. In Special Booster Ver 1.0, there are 20 types of Super Rare, while Special Booster 1.5 has just 10 types. 

This time, the foiling covers the entirety of the card, except for the Digimon or the focus of the artwork. Typically, the Level or Effect icon of a card isn’t foiled, unless it is an Alternate Art Super Rare.  A circled ‘SR’ next to the card ID number indicates that it is this type of rare.

Digimon Super Rare Card

Alternate Art Super Rare (SR)

Alternate Art Super Rares are another version of a Super Rare, only with a different art style. These can range from a Digimon appearing in a different stance or scenario, to other unique art styles such as detailed sketches or colourful shaded pieces. These cards have foiling mainly in the background, although some can have bold gold foiling that looks like a computer chip. Like normal Super Rares, these cards also have a ‘SR’ in the bottom right, only this time the card’s Level has gold foiling too. 

Digimon Alternate Art Super Rare Card

Secret Rare (SEC)

Secret Rares have the letters ‘SEC’ in the bottom right of the card. The borders of these cards have more detailing, with different colours and streaks going through them. Some of the Secret Rare cards even have bold gold foil detailing that really stands out. The Level of a Secret Rare also has gold foiling, just like the Alternate Art Super Rare. These cards are among the rarest in the game and tend to be the most valuable. In fact, there are only three types to pull in both the Special Booster 1.0 and the Special Booster 1.5. 

Digimon Secret Rare Card

Secret Rare Alternate Art (SEC)

Alternate Art Secret Rares also have the ‘SEC’ next to the cards ID number, although currently, the different art styles are not as contrasting as seen with the Alternate Art Super Rare variations. These cards have far less bold gold detailing on or around the Digimon, although they do tend to have more transparent border elements. As there are only three Secret Rares in each set, there are only six alternate art versions currently released. These cards are considered the hardest to pull from boosters which make them the most valuable. 

Digimon Secret Rare Alternate Art Card

Promo (P)

Promotional cards are obtained in different ways and almost always have ‘Not For Sale’ printed on them. Promo cards have a circled ‘P’ in the corner and can unfoiled or have the same holographic finish as Parallel Rares. Currently, (English) Promo cards are obtained by special packs like the Promotional Pack 0.0, the Tournament Pack Vol 1 and the Memorial Pack. 

Digimon Promo Card

As more sets are released in the future, we may see new rarities enter the Digimon TCG game. To learn more about the rarer cards or how to get them graded, check out our article – Should you grade your Digimon TCG cards?

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