Digimon TCG Special Booster Ver. 1.5 – Top cards to look out for

Digimon TCG Special Booster 1.5

The Digimon TCG started out strong with ‘Release Special Booster 1.0’, and with Ver. 1.5 set to launch on March 12th, that momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. We are going to take a look at the top cards collectors and players will want to look out for when getting stuck into the latest Digimon TCG Booster 1.5. 

Digimon TCG ‘Release Special Booster Ver.1.5’ Promo Cards

Deck Toppers 

Once again, players and collectors alike will be given one of 6 special Box Topper cards with every Booster Box. This time, however, the Tamers have been swapped out for a parallel design version of a Digimon card included in the main booster set. 

Special Box Promotion Pack

Each Booster will come with a ‘Special Box Promotion Pack’, just like with Ver. 1.0. These cards will be the same three paired combos but will offer collectors another chance to complete the entire set of six. 

Dash Packs 1.5

For every 12 Booster packs you buy, you will get a Dash Pack containing one of five gold foiled-stamped cards. These cards are completely different to the ones found in the Dash Packs given out for purchasing the Special Booster Ver. 1.0, and includes a seriously epic looking Super Rare BlitzGreymon that many collectors will be looking out for. 

Special Release Memorial Pack  

If you purchase 16 packs of Digimon TCG ‘Release Special Booster Ver.1.5’, you will receive a ‘Special Memorial Pack’ that will have one of four cards in it. These cards capture some touching moments from the anime and will undoubtedly be sought after by fans of the Digimon Adventure series. 

Top Cards To Look Out For

ShineGreymon (BT2-041)

ShineGreymon packs a punch in the art department, as well as with its abilities. Decks that are Tamer based will get to discover the full potential of this card, as the more Tamers you have in play, the more devastating ShineGreymon can be. Not only will he decrease your opponent’s Digimon by -4000 DP for every Tamer you suspend, but he also gets + 1000 DP for every tamer you have in play. ShineGreymon is definitely a Digimon that likes company! 

Etemon (BT3-070)

Introducing anime’s worst Elvis Presley impersonator, Etemon arrives into the English version of the game for the first time. What is cool about Etemon is that its ability helps you search for a MetalEtamon card, which was released in ‘Special Booster Ver 1.0’. Will we be seeing Etamon decks forming in the near future? 

Ceresmon (BT3-056)

Ceresmon is a true giant of the Digitial World – capable of carrying an entire forest, and a few tag alongs, on his back. When Digivolving, this card has a nice little ability to force your opponent to suspend one of their Digimon instead of one of yours, to reduce the memory cost by 3. 

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode (BT3-111)

I think somebody in Badai really likes ‘Imperialdramon Dragon Mode’, so much so that they have included four stunning versions of it in ‘Release Special Booster Ver 1.5’. One is a Blue Super Rare with an alternate art version, while the other is a green Secret Rare, also with an alternate art. When this card successfully deletes an opponent’s Digimon and survives the battle, it becomes unsuspended and ready to battle again. 

A Delicate Plan (BT3-097)

Although this card only has an uncommon rarity, it does hold a story that fans of pre-existing Digimon Card Games may love. The artwork on ‘A Delicate Plan’ references a card called ‘Elaborate Tactics!’ that was part of the popular Hyper Coliseum TCG that came out in Japan in 1999. Both cards show Digimon playing their own respective TCG, with Agumon looking equally excited in the background of both. 

Davis Motomiya (BT3-093)

The Davis Motomiya Tamer card is one of the first to introduce a Digidestined from the second series of Digmon Adventure. Not only will this card increase your collection of Tamer cards, but will also be great to play. Davis Motomiya allows a player to gain an extra memory if they already have 2, and will also give them the chance to search for a blue or green Digimon card from the top three cards of their deck. 

Mastemon  (BT3-090)

What happens when Light and Dark collide? Well, as it happens, it turns into a hard-core Digimon capable of travelling through space-time. By trashing a card from both players’ security stacks, you will be able to resurrect a Digimon with a level of 4 or less from your trash without having to pay the memory cost. Although the alternate art version will be rarer, the art of its standard Secret Rare looks arguably better! 

RagnaLoardmon  (BT3-019)

There are two variations of the Super Rare RagnaLoardmon, both with very different yet equally stunning art styles. First, there is the full art version showing this Digimon in all his full glory. The alternate art version is a detailed sketch of the Digimon, in the same style of Mastemon and the alternate art Lilithmon from ‘ Special Booster Ver 1.0’. Players will also want to get their hands on this card for its ability to unsuspend itself in their opponent’s unsuspend phase, as well as its ability to gain 3 memory when Digivolving. 

GranKuwagamon (BT1-083)

There are two Super Rare GranKuwagamon to find in ‘Release Special Booster Ver.1.5’, but this alternate art version will be the one collectors will hope to pull. This full-art card shows the Ultimate Form Digimon charging up a devastating attack. GranKuwagamon has ‘Piercing’ effect and can power itself up by + 4000 DP during your turn. 

BlackWarGreymon (BT2-112)

Finishing this list off strong, this BlackWarGreymon card is an alternate art Secret Rare that will undoubtedly be sought after by collectors. Players will also be interested in this card, as it can come in very handy in a tight spot. If your Opponent has a Digimon with 10000 DP or more in play, BlackWarGreymon’s play cost is reduced by 6. 

Of course, this is just a little taster of what ‘Release Special Booster 1.5’ has in store for fans, with many other fantastic cards making up the set. Once both ‘Special Boosters’ are out, players and collectors will get their chance to gather their favourite cards from BT1 – BT3, before the next Booster, ‘Digimon TCG: Great Legend’, hits stores in May. 

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