Digimon TCG – Starter Deck 11 First Details

When it comes to the Digimon TCG, we are used to seeing Starter Decks based on long-standing and fan favourite Digimon. Things are about to change when it comes to Starter Deck 11, however, with the next focus Digimon being just over a month old! 

Starter Deck 11 will focus on Gammamon, a Digimon featuring in the new Digimon: Ghost Game anime series that premiered its first episode yesterday (October 3rd) in Japan. This series promises to be original to the franchise, with the story being darker and creepier than anything fans have seen before. The choice to use Gammamon as the focus Digimon is more than likely a way to help promote this new Digimon anime series.

The interesting thing about Gammamon being the focus of this new product, known as the Starter Deck Special Entry Set, is that it only appeared in the Digimon reference book in September this year, making it incredibly new to the series. This choice is definitely a breath of fresh air, especially considering that the majority of Starter Decks up until now have focused on the Digimon Adventure series and the first Tamers. 

Digimon Starter Deck 11

The Starter Deck Special Entry Set is a deck for new players to jump into the game, as its name suggests, but is listed as ST 11, making it the next official Starter Deck in the Digimon TCG. The product will consist of a deck, two Memory Gauges and a nice Deck Box with Gammamon on the front.  While the 4-Cost level 3 Gammamon is original, there will also be a number of reprints coming with the Starter deck, including Agumon ST1-03 and Greymon ST1-07 which came with Gaia Red, and WarGreymon BT1-025 from Special Booster 1.0. With Greymon and WarGreymon both offering Security Attack increases, it is likely that this deck is going to be on the offensive side, which is always a simple and fun way to play. All of these cards will be alternate art versions that don’t stray too far away from their original artwork.

Unfortunately, the first leaked images of Gammamon have been low quality which has meant that translating it has been impossible. What we do know is that having a raw play cost of 4, for a level 3, Digimon means that its Inherited Effect most likely does something very special. 

Although Gammamon is new to the Digimon TCG, Bandai are not holding back with its introduction into the game. Gammamon has three cards revealed so far, one being the starter deck version, and another that is believed to be the promo for buying Starter Deck 11, although that is yet to be confirmed. The final variation of this Digimon was revealed in the  November 2021 issue of Saikyo Jump.

Gammamon – Starter Deck 11

Gammamon – ST11 Promo

Digimon Starter Deck 11
Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] While you have [Amanokawa Hiro] in play, this Digimon gets +2000DP

Currently, the Tamer Amanokawa Hiro isn’t in the game. This is because he is one of the main characters of the Digimon: Ghost Game series, who is partnered with Gammamon. Having this Tamer listed is exciting, as it could point to a future set focusing on this new anime series. The most likely reason this promo has Amanokawa Hiro listed in the effect, however, is that a Tamer card will be included in Starter Deck 11 to continue the Gammamon theme. 

Gammamon P-058

[Your Turn] While you have a Tamer, this Digimon can attack your opponent’s Unsuspended Digimon

The Gammamon P-058 effect that allows it to attack your opponent’s unsuspended Digimon is an interesting one, as it could allow you to control the early stages of the game by picking off the smaller Digimon before they can Digivolve, regardless if they are Suspended or not. Although it only has 4000 DP, If used with Option Cards like Lightning Joust, Great Tornado or Nuclear Laser, you can increase its DP to take on slightly Stronger Digimon.  The downside of this Digimon is that it is a 4 Cost raw play and costs 1 Memory to Digivolve, which we rarely see for level 3 Digimon. 

Starter Deck 11 is set to release on November 26th in Japan and is expected to join the English game in early 2022. To learn more about the Gammamon and the Digimon: Ghost Game anime series, click here. If you would like to check out all of the previous Starter Decks, click on one of the links below – 

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