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Digimon TCG Starter Deck 7 & 8 Revealed

Digimon TCG Starter Deck

Promotional material for the next two Digimon TCG starter decks have been revealed. ST-7 and ST-8 will be the next starter decks to be released after Giga Green, Machine Black and Venomous Violet, which are all set to be released on May 31st. 

The announcement of the two new Digimon TCG starter decks, which will focus on Dukemon and ULForceV-dramon, was made via promo posters appearing in stores in Japan. The promotion was sent to promote the 7th and 8th starter deck next month and even includes the finished box art. 

The Card List –

In an issue of V-Jump, a card list for the starter decks was shared, as well as what parallel rares can be expected. 

Digimon TCG Starter Deck

ST-7 Dukemon Cardlist

ShineGreymon​Royal Saber​Atomic Blaster​Gaia Force​

ST-8 ULForceV-dramon

ULForceV-dramonHammer SparkULForce SaberV-Wing Blade
Digimon TCG Starter Deck

Two of the cards coming with these new starter decks are ‘Royal Saber’ and ‘ULForce Saber’, which both feature the attacks of Dukemon and ULForceV-dramon. Interestingly, ‘ULForce Saber’ seems to be a homage to a Hyper Colosseum artwork used many years ago. To see more references to Hyper Colosseum, check out our article here.  

Lightning Joust (Royal Saber)

Card Effect:

[Main] 1 of your Digimon gains +2000 DP for the turn. Then, if your security cards are equal to or fewer than your opponent’s, 1 of your Digimon gain <Security Attack +1> (This Digimon checks 1 additional security card) for the turn.

Security Effect:

[Security] Add this card to your hand.

Victory Sword (Ulforce Saber)

Card Effect(s)

[Main] Unsuspend 1 of your Blue Digimon.

Security Effect

Security Effect:

Security] Add this card to your hand.

To learn more about the English decks that are currently available or the three Digimon TCG Starter decks releasing in May, click on the deck names below. 

ST-1Gaia Red, ST-2 Cocytus Blue and ST-3 Heaven’s Yellow

ST-4 Giga Green

ST5 Machine Black

ST-6 Venomous Violet

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