Digimon TCG – Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon

Starter Deck 7 Gallantmon and Starter Deck 8 UIforceVeedramon will be the first to not focus on the original Digidestined from the original Digimon series. Each deck has its own unique art style and several cards with mechanics that will come in handy within higher tier decks. In our previous article, we took a look at Starter Deck 7 Gallantmon. Now, we will take a closer look at Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon.

Digi-Egg & Level 3 –

Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon is all about keeping a lot of cards in your hand. DemiVeemon and Gabumon power your Digimon up if you have eight or more cards in your hand. Veemon’s Inherited Effect allows you to draw a card if you only have seven, allowing you to take full advantage of DemiVeemon and Gabumon’s effects.  Dracomon also helps increase your hand size by letting you take a ‘Dramon’ from the top three cards of your deck. 

Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon

Level 4

Continuing the theme of keeping eight cards in your hand – Veedramon allows you to trash one of your opponent’s level 3 Digimon. Coredramon allows you to play it for free if it is in your Security, or Draw 2 cards when it is played. This again helps bolsters your hand size to keep the Inherited Effects of the Digimon in the chain. 

Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon

Level 5 –

Having eight cards in your hand will let AeroVeedramon give your Digimon Security Attack +1, while Wingdramon gives you a 7000 DP Blocker. 

Level 6 –

UlforceVeedramon returns a level 4 or lower Digimon to your opponent’s hand when Digivolving, and unsuspends itself if you have eight cards in your hand, allowing it to attack one more time. Slayerdramon gains Security Attack +1 when Digivolving and is unblockable – making it an effective finisher when your opponent is low on security. 

Option Cards –

Hammer Spark is a nice free memory boost that will come in handy, while V-Wing Blade allows you to return an opponent’s level 6 or lower Digimon to their hand. Victory Sword will unsuspend one of your Digimon, which could help clinch the win if you use it with UlforceVeedramon that has the Security Attack +1 granted by the Inherited Effect of AeroVeedramon. 

The starter decks coming after Starter Deck 7 & 8 will be themed on Imperialdramon and Mastemon. This will continue the shift from Tamer focused Starter Decks to specific Digivolution chains. Another major change with these Starter Decks is that the booster packs have been traded for 6 Bonus cards, which will be part of the Digimon TCG 1st Anniversary. To learn more about these card, head over to our article – Digimon TCG Memory Boost Cards.

To learn more about the current Starter Decks in the game, click on one of the links below.  

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ST-7 Gallantmon

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