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Digimon TCG – Starter Decks 9 & 10 Revealed!

Two brand new Digimon TCG Starter Decks have been revealed, which will first release in Japan before coming to the English version of the game next year.  

These two new Starter Decks will be called ST-9 Ultimate Ancient Dragon and ST-10 Otherworld Strategist. Going off the artwork included in the pre-order page, it is more than likely that these decks will focus Imperialdramon and Mastemon, although their colours and card text are yet to be revealed. Will players get multi-colour cards in these Decks? Or could White get more of a focus? 

Digimon New Starter Decks

Each of the new Starter Decks will come with 2 promo cards (2 types), 1 Memory Gauge, 2 paper Playsheets, 60 Sleeves and a Storage Box. Each Starter Deck will cost 3,960 yen, which is around $36 USD.  This is the first time that so many extras have been included with a Starter deck, but does have a price tag that reflects this.

ST-9 Ultimate Ancient Dragon and ST-10 Otherworld Strategist will both release in Japan on October 29th 2021. Although there is no English release date as of yet, it is likely to arrive in early 2022. 

When it comes to the English version of the game, we are still waiting for Starter Decks 7 and 8 to release on October 8th, although that date could change. These decks will be themed around Gallantmon (Also known as Dukemon) and UlforceVeedramon (also known as UlforceVdramon. To learn more about these Starter Decks, check out our article here

To learn more about the English decks that are currently available, click on the links below. 

ST-1Gaia Red, ST-2 Cocytus Blue and ST-3 Heaven’s Yellow

ST-4 Giga Green

ST5 Machine Black

ST-6 Venomous Violet

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