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Digimon TCG – Store Championship Cards

As the Digimon TCG competitive season storms on, Bandai have shared their plans for local tournaments to take place throughout September and October. These events will happen in-store and will provide players with the opportunity to compete for some fantastic prize cards. 

The prizes for these store events will be exclusive to the 2021 championships and will feature brand new artwork from a number of seasoned Digimon TCG artists. This set will only contain alternate art versions of previous cards, which means that no unfair advantage can be gained by competitive players who compete in the tournament. This was an issue that was recently brought up in the DBS CG community and is a subject covered in our article – DBS CG: Should Tournament Cards Be Reprints?

Digimon tcg Store Championship

The Format for the Store Championship will be swiss round, best of 3 matches, taking place over an hour.  Those taking part in the event will get a Store Championship Participant Pack, while the overall winner will receive a Store Champion Card Set. Although online-based Store Championship events will also be happening, sign up details are yet to be shared. Each card from the Participation Pack will have ‘Store Participant’ printed on it in gold foiling, while the Champion Set cards will get ‘Store Champion’. North American players will not only get their chance to win these new cards, but the winner will also earn themselves an invite to the National Finals event.

To compete in the Store Championship, reach out to your local gaming stores for more information on how to sign up to their events. To keep up to date with all future information regarding the Digimon TCG 2021 Store Championships, as well as all other news, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram or Facebook

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