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Digimon TCG Tamer Goods 2 Announced

Bandai has announced a second set of Digimon TCG ‘Tamer Goods’, which consists of a polyester and rubber playmat and a set of premium deck protector sleeves. Both products display the same artwork, which is the promo art for BT05, showing Omegamon and Zwart Defeat. With the Tamer Goods 2 set, however, the other Digimon from BT-05 have been removed. Instead, there are larger versions of Omegamon and Zwart Defeat behind them in Merciful Mode and Alter-B.

The previous ‘Tamer Goods’ set also included a playmat and deck protector sleeves, but had the combined art of the alt art Digimon from BT2 that came with the Special Booster 1.0. Like the previous set, Bandai has opened up pre-orders on their official website, which will close on June 14th. 

Digimon TCG Tamer Goods

How to order the Digimon Tamer Goods 2?

For those living in Japan, you can visit the Premium Bandai store and pay the 4,180-Yen. For players and collectors living in the US, you can head over to the US Premium Bandai store to make your pre-order, which will cost $35 for the set, with around $10 extra for shipping. The Digimon TCG Tamer Goods 2 set is scheduled to be shipped out in December, although a specific date hasn’t been provided just yet. Currently, there is no way of pre-ordering this set for those living outside of Japan or the US.

To the disappointment of many, Bandai unfortunately made a mistake with their original post of this product, stating that buyers would get a memory gauge/marker, sleeves, a card case and reprinted cards with new art. It seems that the product description got mixed up with the Tamer Evolution Box.

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