Digimon TCG: The art of Naochika Morishita

When the SEC trio of Great Legend was first revealed, fans were treated to three connecting artworks that looked more like a renaissance painting instead of the artwork of an anime TCG. These new additions to the game, which rose the bar for the Digimon TCG’s illustration standards, were completed by Naochika Morishita, a veteran artist with an incredibly unique art style. 

Naochika Morishita

About Naochika Morishita –

In his early career, Naochika Morishita worked for an editorial production with a group called ‘Caramel Mama’,  before going freelance in 1999 to specialise in TCG illustrations such as Gundam and Rangers Strike. Among all of the projects Morishita has worked on, one of his most successful roles was with the Bloody Roar video game series, where he worked on character artwork, in-game cutscenes and the magazine illustrations for V-Jump. 

Looking at his previous work, you can see he transferred his life-like illustrations to the Digimon TCG, creating artwork that has instantly become iconic for the series, such as the terrifying Piedmon, the hyper-realistic MetalGreymon and the incredibly cool Beelzemon from Special Release Booster 1.0.

Naochika Morishita

It seems that Bandai are a big fan of Naochika Morishita’s incredibly real and smooth style of illustrations, trusting him with the art of many SECs of their sets. Some of his best work came with the Great legend SEC cards, which all connect together to make one epic image. But it’s not just SECs that Naochika Morishita has worked on – there’s lesser rarity artwork too like the Kimeramon Battle of Omni pre-release alternate art, which was first seen in the February Tamer Battle pack that was awarded at events in Japan. 

Battle Spirit – 

Like many of the artists in the Digimon TCG, Naochika Morishita’s first work on the Digimon franchise was with Battle Spirits, which is a game created by Bandai, Sunrise Inc and Carddass in 2018 that combined several anime series to make one huge collaborative game. Although he didn’t work long on the project,  the artwork he did complete was absolutely incredible. Among his best works on this project is his Gallantmon: Crimson Mode and Omnimon artwork. Could we one day see this artwork resued for the Digimon TCG? 

Naochika Morishita

Metal Cards – 

Naochika Morishita enjoys working on a lot of armoured or robotic Digimon, which is a theme that has followed him throughout his career. This can be seen in his published book HAGANEBITO: Naoto Morishita’s Book, where he has completed impressive futuristic landscapes and scenes. His talent for metallic clad subjects can be seen with Digimon TCG cards such as Gabumon – Bond of Friendship, ChaosGallantmon and DarkKnightmon from the upcoming Next Adventure booster. 

Naochika Morishita

The Digimon TCG is full of many diverse and talented artists, which only bolsters its popularity and brings excitement to collectors every time a new booster set is released. It is hard to believe that the Digimon TCG is only a year old with its vast variation of art styles, which will no doubt continue going into the future. 

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